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7 Good Reasons to Buy Your New Bed from Us

You only buy a new bed every few years so it is important to make the right decision. You want your bed to make the bedroom look stylish and beautiful, so of course first you choose with your eyes. 


But it is equally important that the bed be sturdy, reliable and silent so you can sleep peacefully for years. A nice-looking but squeaky bed will soon annoy you!


The technical details of our beds make buying your new bed from us just one of these good decisions!

1. Fully customisable to your requirements

A bed that is higher for comfortable access, longer for that tall member of your family, shorter for a child, or in a special colour; now you can get the bed that you will be comfortable in but without the price tag normally associated with bespoke beds.

2. Timeless beautiful designs

Our beds suit both contemporary and classic interiors, city and country styles, and they really do look impressive in the room - check our testimonials! In the words of our customers:


"...enhanced our bedroom massively...."

", the thing weighs a tonne and is very robust!"

" fits perfectly and I really love it."


3. The option of various beautiful hand-added patinas

for a unique, sophisticated look that you cannot get from other bed suppliers – check our colour guide!

4. Three-point construction of the bed frame - completely silent beds!

Oh, here is our strongest point! The technical mavericks at our manufacturing plant created a special side profile, into which the sides of the bed are tightly fixed with threescrews each side.  (If you check other metal beds you'll see that they have only two, which is why they will soon squeak and usually already appear feeble in the shop!)



Three-point connection means that no matter how much you turn around in your sleep, our beds won’t creak, squeak or wobble even after years of use! In fact, even if you need to put it apart and re-assemble it in another room, it will still be completely sturdy and silent.

5. A quality sprung slatted base in a wooden frame

Providing you also have a good mattress, any movement on our bed frame is completely silent...



6. Sensitive floor? We added a discreet protective nylon insert in the leg base

This ensures the metal never touches the floor. Although our beds are heavy, you can safely put them on even the most sensitive floor.


7. Last but not least - five years guarantee

for a completely peaceful sleep!



Get a very special bed - choose one of Metal Design Furniture designs and sleep peacefully for years!



Choose your new bed...

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