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Classico Pergola

Classico Pergola

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About Classico Pergola

Classico Pergola is spacious and versatile. Whether used to create a floral walkway or a green roof above your garden dining room, it will add a beatiful focal point to your garden.

A traditional style iron pergola will give your garden a timeless, classic look, while providing a sheltered space to relax or dine al fresco.

Did you know...

Pergolas, from the Latin word ‘pergula,’ have been used as shelter from the elements since ancient times. The Egyptians purposefully planted vines to climb up man-made supports to create shelter from the hot sun. In the gardens of Renaissance Italy, the pergola became somewhat of a status symbol where elaborate stone pillars were used to create covered walkways.

Fast-forward to modern day Britain and pergolas provide many functions in our homes and gardens: - Providing a shady, sheltered place to relax, or dine al fresco
- To add decorative feature that enhances the landscape
- As a structure to grow climbing plants or vines 
- To create an enclosed spa area

High performance materials, the same classic wrought iron look

Metal Design Furniture Ltd offer the Classico Pergola, made from robust steel, in a classic wrought iron design. It has traditional detailing, and a gently curved roof for an elegant, timeless look.

A metal pergola has many advantages over its wooden counterpart. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t bow or bend; it is stronger and more durable to support heavy climbing plants. Plus, it won’t fade in the sun or require stain and protection.

Unique, modular system to get the shape and size you want

The timeless Classico design is available in easy connecting segments so you can get the size and shape you need. One segment is 300cm wide x 150cm deep, you can order multiples to achieve your desired size. For example, two segments will give you a generous 3m x 3m gazebo, whilst four connected segments will give you a long 3m x 6m walkway.

If you need a bespoke size or design to perhaps attach your new pergola to a rear or side wall, we can help. Simply contact us with your request.

Fixing to the Ground

Our iron pergolas are designed for easy installation, with full instructions provided. They can be constructed on hard surfaces, where they are screwed into the ground, or on soft surfaces, where they can be anchored or concreted in place. Let us know when you order and we’ll provide the fixings or make legs longer.

Colour and finishing options for the perfect style to match your garden

Classic wrought iron pergolas go well with earth colours and natural materials such as stone flooring, walls and Mediterranean style clay tiles. You can order your wrought iron pergola in several colour finishes:

Anthracite – classic, traditional
Cream – luxury, antique
Pure White – elegance, grace

You have the option to include a hand painted patina finish in green or silver, to give your pergola a distressed, antique look.

More options

We can offer you more flexibility than any other garden furniture retailer. We’re happy to help with any special requirements you may have. If you choose the Classico system, you can order a PVC roof system to fit. Perhaps you require extra lattice or support within the framework. Or, maybe you’d like a more bespoke structure for a wedding or event.

Arches and arbours

If you’re looking for a smaller garden structure, take a look also at our Tivoli wrought iron garden arch. Using the same modular system, you can create a wide archway, tunnel or rectangular pergola – pieces range from 150-300cm in width and 50-150cm in length.

Commercial buyers

If you’re looking for a large outdoor structure for the grounds of a hotel or leisure facility, we can help. We can provide long-lasting iron pergolas and gazebos that are made to your exact requirements. You can create an outdoor space for dining al fresco or special events. Have a look at the reception/breakfast space created with our Romano structures at the Grims Dyke Hotel.

We also work with garden designers and landscaping companies, enabling you to provide amazing feature pieces for client garden projects. Take advantage of trade discounts and a full installation service.





Classico Pergola comes in 150cm segments that can add on to one on another. Available dimensions:
300x150cm (one segment)
300x300cm (two segments)
300x450cm (three segments)
300x600cm (four segments)

Material and finish


All our gazebos are hot-zinc gavanised and powder coated for safe years of outside use even in humid environments. For available colour finishes, please see our Colour Guide.



Our garden gazebos require assembly by three people (or at least two if you are skilled and experienced at DIY) because of their size. However, the actual assembly is still simple. You will receive a printed instruction and also a CD with a video showing how to assemble your garden gazebo.
Alternatively, you can have your gazebo assembled on site – please add this option when buying.



This product has 7 years structural and anti-rust guarantee (with normal use).


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