Metal Design Furniture Brings The Biggest Trends of 2015!

There are exactly two weeks until 2015 arrives and Metal Design Furniture wants to help you, our customers, make sure your home looks trendy and fresh for the next year.

The Classica bed

There are some big, bold and exciting trends to come in 2015, according to – for example, “contemporary design ideas combined with gilded antiques, velvet and silk or carved wood accents mixed with industrial metal details” – just what we’re good at! You can mix any of our gorgeous beds – such as the Classica Bed to the left – with curtains or bedsheets made of interesting or unusual material for a unique, intriguing and versatile look. For more information, click here.

The Citrus plant stands

Another trend we can expect to see, according to lushome, is more and more metal used in interior design, whether in chairs, tables, sofas or lighting fixtures – anything goes! For a rustic feel, take a look at our Citrus Plant Stand range, which comes in three different sizes – it instantly makes your home feel fresh and organic. For more information, click here.

Metal Design Furniture offers you all of the biggest upcoming trends for 2015 – don’t miss out on a fashionable and contemporary look for your home and garden this year!


Metal Design Furniture’s Favourite Interior and Garden Designers

Metal Design Furniture believes that cooperation is the best way to go – so we cooperate with some wonderful designers. That way, you – our customers – can have the complete interior and garden design experience, and your homes and gardens are stunning from top to bottom!

We’ve enjoyed collaborating with many designers. Here are some of our favourites:

Artisans and Artists: This unique and sophisticated company makes sure that your interior design is perfected – they take care of everything, from the initial consultation to the completion of the designs, and offer a range of styles. To see their website, click here.

Raine Garden Design: this award-winning garden designer know everything there is to know about garden design – whether your garden is big or small, vibrant or relaxing, they know how to make it absolutely beautiful… Pair their designs with our gorgeous garden furniture and your backyard will be everything you could’ve asked for! To see their website, click here.

Metal Design Furniture’s wonderful bespoke products can fit perfectly in any home – and working with these two designers is a guarantee that your home will be lovely, comfortable, sophisticated and, most importantly, your own.

Metal Design Furniture Looks Back At 2014

The new year is rolling around quickly and, with only a month to go, it is the perfect time to look back at the past year – what we loved, what we hated, what we’d change and what we’d keep…

Romano Gazebo

Metal Design Furniture is also looking back at a good year, and what a better way to sum it up than to look at our three favourite products of 2014. Here they are!

Romano Gazebo – this empirically-styled gazebo is perfect all year around – you can leave it open to let in a summer breeze or let down the canvas side panels when it is getting chilly… not hard to see why our customers love it so much! For more information, click here or on the picture.

Classico Pergola

Classico Pergola – a sophisticated, adaptable and multi-purpose accessory for your garden. This spacious pergola can be used to create a floral walkway or to provide a lovely, green roof for your garden table, and comes in four different sizes. For more information, click here or on the picture.

Oliver Chair

Oliver Chair – a light, comfortable garden chair with an authentic Tuscany feel to it, this is vital for your garden – whether to catch some sunrays during the summer or relax under one of our gazebos. For more information, click here or on the picture.

Metal Design Furniture wishes its customers a happy, healthy and exciting new year – let’s hope 2015 will be as good as this one!

Metal Design Furniture’s Bed of Kings

Napoleon Bonaparte once declared, “The bed has become a place of luxury to me. I would not exchange it for all of the thrones in the world”… And we at Metal Design Furniture couldn’t agree more!

Napoleon II’s crib. Image Credit:

Kings and Queens, of course, could sleep in only the very best of beds… Here are a few royal beds, occupied by some of the greatest, if ill-fated, monarchs:

Marie Antoinette’s bed – the Queen of France slept in between beautiful fabrics interwoven with flowers, ribbons and peacock feathers. But the magnificent, golden headboard – embellished with Marie’s very own initials – no doubt steals the spotlight. During the French Revolution, Marie used a hidden door by her bed to escape to the king’s chambers!

Napoleon II’s crib – only the best for the next emperor of France! The crib was given to the infant heir as a gift from Paris, contained more than 200 kilograms of precious material and were decorated with bees, which was Napoleon’s personal emblem and symbolized the industrious citizens of Paris.

Metal Design Furniture’s customers deserve nothing less – you, too, can get to sleep in a bed made for kings! Our king-sized Gala Bed in Pearl Gold, 160cm with foot end, is now on sale for £490 instead of £670 – there’s only one left, so phone us for details!