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Inspiring Interior Designs: Make Use of Metal Home Accessories

Metal furniture first became widely popular in the mid-nineteenth century, but at first it was considered by aesthetes to be too cold and clinical for use in household interiors. However, as more malleable metals were used in the construction of metal furniture, craftsmen and manufacturers were able to turn a stylish hand to the design and manufacture of interior products and today, it is not uncommon to find metal decorative shelves and metal coat stands inside the houses of some of the most fashionable individuals in society.

Metal decorative shelves produced by Metal Design Furniture are of uncommonly high quality and design and are appreciated by householders of the most refined tastes. Our Classico side shelves, for example, are sleek and elegant and effortlessly blend glass and metal in a choice of grey, cream or white colours and bronze, gold, green or silver patina.

Alternatively, our Italia Tall shelves just ooze glamour and grace and are styled in a classic iron credenza display which looks subtle, elegant and very sophisticated. These decorative shelves are versatile and practical as well as beautiful and could be used in the dining room, kitchen, or even in a drawing room or study area.

Metal coat stands are another item from yesteryear enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. They are actually a very wise investment as they avoid the need to put coats, hats, scarves and jackets on beds and chairs around the house when visitors arrive, or even when you return home from work.

Our practical and stylish range of stands such as the Quadro, Chris, Isaac and Orbit are also great conversation pieces which are sure to be admired by household visitors as pieces of practical art.