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Creating an Outdoor Dining Area

There’s something very relaxing about the cafes of Paris, where people from all walks of life can relax, sip a cup of coffee or a glass of lunchtime wine and watch the world bustle by. It gets office workers out into the sunshine and fresh air and lets tourists see life on the Paris streets, or those of Milan, Barcelona, Berlin or Rome.

The Continental outdoor dining experience is becoming popular in the UK, at least in the summer months. We may not have the sunshine every day but that’s even more reason to make the best of it when it is here. On the first really sunny, warm day of spring nobody wants to be stuck inside, even to eat. Any cafe that is smart enough to invest in some lightweight, simple metal furniture for outdoor dining will do very well indeed.

Outdoor restaurant furniture should be easy to move. It may have to be brought inside every night for security purposes and even if your restaurant is lucky enough to have an enclosed outdoor space, it’s inevitable that groups of different sizes will want to shift chairs and tables into new configurations. 

Our outdoor products are weatherproof, as all good outdoor cafe furniture should be. Even if you won’t put the tables and chairs out on a rainy day, anyone can be caught out with a sudden rain shower and the last thing you want to worry about is keeping the tables dry.

Of course, furniture for outdoor dining should also be attractive to the eye, and if a wrought iron table and chairs can evoke the elegant style and relaxed feel of a lunchtime in Paris, so much the better!

Garden Furniture Choices: Style and Durability

Metal garden furniture, especially items made from wrought iron and steel, has become the preferred choice of discerning customers over the years for various reasons. Although plastic furniture is a popular choice and it can be long lasting, it has an unfortunate tendency to split and warp due to extremes of heat and cold in  the respective summers and winters of nations such as the United Kingdom. Wicker furniture is another popular choice and although more durable wicker furniture has been produced in recent years, a typical wicker piece simply cannot stand up to the pressures of the outdoor environment.

Wrought iron patio furniture and metal gazebos have become popular because iron is easily cast into more intricate, stylish and appealing shapes and is a tougher material for our door use.  Mild Steel is also another excellent material for use in the construction of items such as metal gazebos, since it can be both cast and rolled, allowing it to be moulded into various attractive styles and shapes.  Stainless steel pieces have become more popular for some than wrought iron patio furniture, but, although it is tougher than mild steel, it cannot be set into curved and complex shapes as easily.

At Metal Design, we use various innovative design and manufacturing techniques to ensure that our furniture is not only stylish but tough and durable, such as robot welding to ensure strong even, smooth joints, powder coating and hot zinc bath treatment for weather resistance and toughened glass in designs which incorporate glazed design features.  A Metal Design piece is built to last as well as to never go out of style.

Marvellous Metal Beds: Investment for a Lifetime

At  we love to offer our clients marvelous metal beds which can be customised to suit the specific requirements of individual clients and can even have a patina added for an authentic antique look. For couples, one of our charming and attractive double metal beds can not only be a stylish addition to any bedroom, but can be a wise investment which can literally last a lifetime.

For enthusiasts of contemporary designs, white metal bed frames are a popular choice and our Trea bed is an excellent example of a modern design with a modern twist based on the shape of tree leaves. Another design which includes white metal bed frames is the Lily design, although this piece has a much more traditional and classic feel with elegantly curved head and foot incorporating sleek tubular slats. All of our metal beds are available in a variety of sizes; from double metal beds to singles, super kingsize to regular kingsize.

Furthermore, all of our beds come with a sprung slatted base as standard but can are designed so that any mattress can be used as a replacement, and they can even be easily adapted for use with a water mattress. The Lucia bed is another attractive option from our range of double metal beds and has a simple and subtle contemporary look as well as offering the ultimate in sturdy construction. All of our metal beds are also completely silent so we guarantee that your sleep won’t be disturbed by creaking and rattling noises and we can customise our beds in various patinas.

Gentrified Garden Furniture: Castrum Garden Set

Metal garden furniture is very popular nowadays and Metal Design Furniture has a fantastic range of metal patio furniture and outdoor metal furniture which is both practical and stylish. Furthermore, as it is anti-rust treated with hot zinc and can be powder coated, it is extremely durable and weather resistant. Our outdoor metal furniture is available in green, gold or bronze patina and in a variety of classic styles which are timeless and elegant.

Our Castrum wrought iron metal patio furniture set is an excellent choice for those who may have invested in a new patio or decking and includes a set of chairs which blend woven seatbacks and seat bases with elegant wrought iron frames . The set also includes a classy metal table with either glass, fused glass or sheet metal top, which comes in various sizes and cushions for the seats are either cool white or rich red. The Classico garden sofa set is perhaps the flagship of our outdoor metal furniture collection, with its three pieces and two piece sofa and comfortable arm chair in elegant curved metal and its luxuriant cream cushions. 

All Metal Design garden furniture products are constructed from high quality materials which are hot zinc treated and anti rust , and furthermore, are welded by robotic welding techniques which ensure a firm, smooth and even weld along all joints which is very tough and durable. We want our clients to enjoy their garden all year round, safe in the knowledge that in rain, storm or shine, metal garden furniture remains solid, sturdy and superbly stylish.