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Magical Metal Furniture

At Metal Design Furniture, we design and retail some of the most elegant metal furniture available on the market. Our classic collection includes inspiring outdoor metal furniture, metal decorative shelves and so much more.

We stock classic, contemporary and modern outdoor metal furniture designs which, no matter their exquisite styling, are tough, durable and anti-rust treated with hot zinc bath technology so that they can be safely kept outdoors for years on end with no maintenance costs, whilst retaining the appearance of being newly purchased.

From fabulous sofa sets for indoor use, to outdoor dining sets, poolside furniture and lovely gazebos which add an air of aristocracy to any garden, we have everything in the way of metal furniture.

Our designers have also designed wonderful metal items for household interiors, such as metal decorative shelves and candle sticks. Our Flora and Classico are just two excellent examples of our stylish and subtle shelves which can be adorned with family keepsakes, flowerpots, treasured pictures of halcyon days or favourite books.

All Metal Design Furniture pieces have the look and tactile qualities of individually commissioned artistic pieces which have been lovingly crafted by the hands of artisans, and they are surprisingly affordable.

For every area of the house, from the garden to the hallway, living room to the kitchen and study to the master bedroom, we have a piece of practical, functional and beautiful furniture which will blend perfectly. A piece from Metal Design is an investment which is very wise; an investment in classic styling and renowned craftsmanship.

Peruse our entire selection at your leisure right here at Metal Design Furniture.

Elegant Gazebos

As well as more commonplace metal garden furniture, at Metal Design Furniture we also offer a superb selection of elegant iron gazebos and iron pavilions. All of our iron pavilions are zinc hot bath protected, polyester powder coated and robot-welded, so you can be sure that they will add an elegant touch to your garden for many a year to come.

Iron gazebos are multi-function and multi-purpose pieces which can be used as socialising areas, areas for couples to bond and relax, or as quiet areas for individual contemplation and meditation in the serenity of nature.

Larger Gazebos such as the Romano model can be used for parties and to keep items protected from the elements. The Romano also has removable canvas sides so it can be used as a shaded area in the summer to enjoy cool drinks, or as a winter sanctuary in more challenging weather, where an intimate meal can be enjoyed in privacy.

The Classico gazebo lends itself well to the addition of hanging baskets and climbing plants which would quickly transform it into a natural floral passageway from one area of garden into another, but it would prove equally appropriate for outdoor dining and barbecues.

The Oliver and Paris Gazebos have more intricate and detailed designs and are decorative and stylish yet practical, with floor space for a few chairs and even a table in the Oliver model, and the option of a fitted bench and table in the Paris design.

More options are also available and of course, each gazebo is available in a choice of colours, patinas, and/or sizes.

A gazebo is a focal point of a garden which is more subtle and organic than a solid structure, such as a log cabin or stone outhouse. Thus, a gazebo blends in with its natural surroundings creating a wonderful flow of earthy energy and positivity.

All of our iron pavilions are zinc hot bath protected, polyester powder coated and robot-welded, so you can be sure that they will add an elegant touch to your garden for many a year to come.

Beautiful Metal Beds

Metal bed frames from Metal Design Furniture are stylish, stunning and durable. Metal bed frames used to be criticised because they could be uncomfortable and could also create squeaks and creaks when in use which could disturb bed mates or neighbours, but we now produce robot-welded, comfortable and flexible metal beds which look amazing, make for a great night’s sleep and are absolutely silent.

We stock subtly classic metal bed frames such as the Lily model, which is coloured white and features a simple, subtle yet romantic and pretty head and foot boards and a birch spring slatted base.

Alternatively, we have more modern metal double beds such as the glamorous Gala bed, which features an intricate gentle swirling pattern on its foot and head and seems to effortlessly blend the classic and contemporary in a gentle mixture of beautiful sweeping lines.

The Trea bed is yet another modern classic, and the organic angularity of the crossed lines and sections in the head and foot boards are inspired by the branches of trees. This bed is striking and stylish and still extremely durable and comfortable.

Finally, all good homes which regularly entertain guests but are unable to offer each guest an individual bedroom, always have a super sofa bed for guests to relax and unwind after a tough session of drinks, snacks and parlour games. With this requirement in mind, or designers produced the Classico sofa bed, which transforms from an elegant and comfortable three -seat sofa into a luxurious guest bed.

Regal Restaurant Furniture

Our classic, stylish and durable iron furniture has become a favourite of hoteliers, country club owners and restaurateurs around Europe because of its high quality, superb styling and fantastic functionality. It is false economy for a hotel or restaurant owner to invest in cheap and inadequate furniture merely to save cash in the short term, only to have to shell out the next year because the furniture is defective and inferior.

However, contemporary restaurant furniture and hotel furniture is readily available from Metal Design Furniture at reasonable rates for business usage. We can make bespoke adjustments to suit the requirements of diverse businesses, and because of our long record of working for German and Swiss clients who demand good timekeeping as well as quality products, we complete and deliver our products like clockwork.

For an idea of how we have developed customised contemporary restaurant furniture and hotel furniture for a number of prestigious clients around Europe, please review our images from sample projects on our website. Whether you are refurbishing your existing restaurant or hotel, or are establishing a completely new enterprise, we are sure that you will be delighted by our professional service and superior products.

As well as furniture such as chairs, tables, and beds, we can also provide interior accessories such as shelves, candlestick holders, hat and coat stands and even high quality beds for guest rooms. A grand or intimate gazebo could also look amazing in your beer garden or outside dining area. For furniture which is built to last and sets you apart from the competition, choose Metal Design Furniture every time.