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Growing a hedge? Here are some cheeky ideas

Problems with your neighbours?  Grow a hedge…






Well, neighbours problems are not nice. But some people found original solutions!  We found these by coincidence whilst reserching some garden stuff and we thought they were hilarious if very cheeky. Hope you have fun as well.


Well, this is probably not going to improve the relationships… unless your neighbours have a good sense of humour!

This is also unlikely to help, but it is original:

You could send some of these over the fence if you are jelaous of the neighbours’ flowers:


Annoyed with the neighbours cat? Show them your own!


If you are a curious type, you could have a look over the fence with this giraffe hedge:

One of those lucky ones whose neighbours are actually your friends? Brilliant – why not invite them for a cup of tea?

Well, on a second thought, it may be easier if you just ring them up as such an exquisite hedge is a lot of work. But if you have teenage chidlren, you may be able to convince them to maintain the hedge for you if you shape it like this:

This should get your grandchildren to love your garden:

Small garden and you like cats? This one fits into a plant pot!

And here’s another good idea: you can put your plant pot straight into our lovely plant stands!


Like this:
Hm…maybe ours need some trimming?


The Timeless Appeal of Metal Furniture

Metal furniture has a long and illustrious history – after all, many thrones throughout the centuries have been made of precious metals!

We’ve used metal furniture in our own homes for most of this time, too, because it lasts for years and is perhaps less prone to damage – and certainly to an insect attack – than wooden furniture. A good piece of metal furniture is something you may well be handing down to your heirs.

They’ll probably be glad about that, too – if you buy your furniture from us. At Metal Design Furniture we have all kinds of furniture ranging from iron table and chairs sets for both indoor and outdoors to metal bed frames and accessories such as iron plant stands and iron candle holders.

Good-looking and carefully created in small batches in our European manufacturing facility, these beautiful pieces of furniture are an asset in any home. Iron furniture tends to be timeless in its appeal, and our designs fit into any home decor scheme – whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

Outside, too, metal furniture can display its properties well. We offer iron gazebos, for instance, that create a delightful focal point for any garden. Our iron pavilions are popular with keen gardeners.

Further afield, our restaurant furniture and hotel furniture is prized for its elegance and strength – it will stand up to years of hard wear from discerning customers while giving your rooms an extra touch of class. Choose metal and we know you won’t regret making the decision!

Metal Garden Furniture for the Extra Room Outside

These days, we all use our outside space as an extra room. Valuable living space that can be absolutely delightful, especially in the summer when the sun is shining and the evenings are long.

As a result, people are now demanding the same degree of elegant design and sturdiness in their garden furniture as they do from the furniture inside their homes. This is where metal garden furniture really comes into its own, as our range at Metal Design Furniture shows.

If you are designing your garden, you might want to start with one of our wrought iron gazebos or iron pavilions to create the ideal summerhouse. Our metal outdoor furniture includes iron table and chairs sets, and also metal patio sets to turn your outside area into an al fresco dining room.

Metal garden furniture has many advantages. At Metal Design Furniture we make sure to choose the most robust of materials because we know what the British weather can do – it’s not always sunny, and your iron gazebo and iron table and chairs need to be able to withstand the worst it can bring. Because we use only high-quality materials, we are confident that your metal garden furniture bought from us will be with you for many years, and retain its good looks and sturdy usefulness throughout that entire period.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is a design staple that has been with us for many years. Originally created by blacksmiths, wrought iron goods have always been prized for their good looks and sturdiness, and found their way into our homes for centuries.

These days, we use wrought iron furniture both indoors and outdoors. As a material, it’s a popular choice for gardens – our wrought iron gazebos and iron pavilions are graceful yet strong, creating a real focal point for your outdoor space. Metal patio sets are also popular because they are both smart and durable, and iron table and chair sets provide an ideal al fresco dining facility to take your entertaining out of doors on lovely summer days and nights.

Inside, we also love the design qualities of wrought iron furniture. Metal bed frames have been a hit since the Victorians took them to heart, and they look every bit as good today. However, because design has come a long way, they look equally as good in contemporary settings as they do in more traditional rooms.

You can even accessorise with wrought iron. Take a look at the range on our website for some great ideas to add the finishing touch to your room designs. For instance, we have delightful metal plant stands, metal candle holders and metal decorative shelves that will add appeal to any room.

Metal furniture is so sturdy it will last you for years, and it’s so adaptable you’ll find you want to keep it forever!