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Metal Design Furniture Iron Furniture

When it comes to adding a special touch to your home, you can’t go wrong with iron furniture. That’s because as well as being beautiful and durable, it’s also timeless, so your carefully chosen pieces will never go out of style.

At Metal Design Furniture, we offer well-designed and robust iron furniture in styles to suit every kind of home, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. And we don’t just create iron furniture for homes; we also have a superb range of restaurant furniture and even bespoke iron furniture.

What’s more, we add a personal touch to every piece of furniture that we sell, creating exactly what you require. You can customise your furniture through our online service with different colours, sizes and styles before you buy it, ensuring that it meets your requirements perfectly. It doesn’t end there, either. If you require further personalisation, you can simply get in touch with us to discuss precisely what you need.

Our iron furniture is not mass-produced. Instead, each piece is made in Europe, and we have only small numbers of each product made. The facility that creates them uses a high level of technology to create strong and attractive furniture that’s up to the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Whether you need indoor furniture such as metal bed frames and metal coat stands, or outdoor furniture such as metal patio sets, it’s worth browsing our selection of high-quality, beautifully-finished furniture. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with what you see there.

Beautiful and Elegant Metal Beds

A bed lasts you for many years and makes a real design statement in your home, so it’s wise to take your time when choosing what you are going to buy.

Metal beds have been popular for many years, and it’s not hard to see why. They look wonderful and have a strength and robustness that means they can last for years. Metal beds also fit well into both contemporary and traditional room settings, and unlike wooden beds they are not prone to fading in the sun or getting chipped over the years.

At Metal Design Furniture, we build bespoke iron beds that are everything you require – sturdy, silent and elegantly designed. Some metal bed frames by other companies tend to squeak, but our high-tech manufacturing facility has come up with extra-secure fittings that mean your bed will never creak, even if you need to move it to another room or another house and have to dismantle it and rebuild it.

We complement our robust frames with sprung slatted bases finished off with felt corners for extra silence, providing a strong base for your mattress while allowing important ventilation.

One criticism of metal bed frames is that they damage the floor, particularly if you have wooden flooring. Once again, our technical advisors have come up with a great solution. We put a protective nylon insert in each leg, which is kind to floors of all sorts. You need never worry that your sensitive and expensive floor finish will be damaged.