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Celebrate Sunny Weather with Great Metal Furniture

If you are like many people, this may be your favourite time of year. There is something uplifting and energising about the warm sunshine and long evenings that can provide you with a real mood boost!

And of course, spring and summer is also the season to spend more time outside with your family and friends. So to make the most of these improved conditions, you might want to invest in some new iron furniture.

Metal patio furniture can be perfect for entertaining guests. Whether you have them round for a barbeque in the heat, or choose to host a civilised party in the coolness of the evening, such items provide you with the flexibility you need. Or you may choose to indulge yourself by reading a book, or simply top up your tan. There is nothing more pleasant that sitting back and relaxing in your own outdoor space.

Well, here at Metal Design Furniture, we love to provide people with a whole range of items to enjoy their gardens that could be ideal for you, too: great tables and chairs and beautiful iron gazebos for spacious gardens, lovely patio sets for smaller outside patios, and practical decorative iron accessories such as plant stands and similar.

By getting these products now, you can rest assured you will not miss out on the best weather of the year – those balmy late spring and summer days that are just around the corner!

To see our full range of metal garden furniture, simply have a look around our website. You might well be impressed by the level of choice on offer and the great deals available for you to take advantage of.

Important Things to Consider when Buying Metal Furniture

If you are thinking of purchasing some metal furniture for your home, you are by no means alone. Many people are making use of such items because of their attractive appearance and longevity, among other things. However, in order to get the most from your purchases, you need to take a few things into consideration.

1. Make sure you enquire how the iron patio furniture, metal bed frames, or anything else you are seeking, is finished. This can make a big difference to the quality of the items. Here at Metal Design Furniture, we treat our chairs and tables with zinc before powder-coating them in polyester colour. Some of our garden items are treated with a process called cataphoresis, which is the same as the anti-rust protection on your car. The most luxurious of our garden products, Castrum collection, Classico garden sofas and all of our gazebos, are treated with hot-zinc bath technology. This is protection used for boat parts and it ensures years of safe outside use even in the most humid environments!

2. Another point you ought to bear in mind when choosing metal furniture is how well and how accurately the joints are welded. The first test is simple: does the piece move if you shake it? When products are well made, such as ours, they are sturdy and will not rock. But also check the details of the welds: our welds are made by robots so they are tiny and discreet whilst completely reliable – you wouldn’t want your furniture to have thick uneven welds obvious to see.

3. You would also want to make sure your new furniture is suitable for the floor where you intend to use it. Make sure chair legs and other such things have polyurethane glides inserted in their bases. These prevent damage to your floor. Because we pay attention to every detail, we include these as standard.

4. You also need to be sure of the quality of any added parts, such as glass. Normal versions of this material can easily be broken or scratched. We use tempered transparent or fused glass in our furniture, meaning it is stronger.