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Tuscan Mood in Your Garden

The Tuscan style garden design is popular because it is rustic, charming, and deceptively simple. It has a genuinely old world feel about it, incorporating attractive, colourful flowers with bright stone work to create a charming sun-baked look.


Select flowers or plants such as tulips, red poppies. marigolds, petunias or zinnias. Lavender is also typical and will give a nice fragrance to the garden. People typically use terracotta pots, containers or iron plant stands around their gardens for a Tuscan-inspired effect. Choose a mix of containers which appear weathered or even cracked for a more authentic feel and elegant metal plant stands.

Garden Features

A large table for family and friends under a trea and items such as small fountains and wrought iron furniture can be the main elements of a Tuscan-themed garden design. Contemporary Tuscan inspired design is a fusion of past and present, formal and informal parts of the garden.

Grow Your Own Produce

As many Italian families traditionally grew their own vegetables or herbs in their gardens, consider making some space to give it a try. Not only could this be cost-effective and highly rewarding, but they will add a delightful fragrance to your garden and you could surprise your family with some wodnerful Italian style meals, too!


Finishing touches for your home

As they say, the devil is in the details. Often it is the small things in life that make a big difference and this is just as true when it comes to interior design as anything else.

As I’m sure you already know if you have been reading our blog, here at Metal Design Furniture, we specialise in producing a range of items for home and garden, such as large gazeboes and pergolas, metal beds and dining tables. But our range of metal furniture goes right down to little objects such as practical iron plant stands, cute metal and glass book shelves and metal candle holders.

The stylish designs of our offerings and their classic, subtle appearance can transform the entire atmosphere of rooms. Imagine your bedroom with a beautiful free standing mirror! And there are other bedroom accessories, too. Adding an iron night stand or simple side shelves to your bedroom, even with a wooden bed, would look great and might be perfect for holding lamps, ornaments, books and other such things.

Perhaps your home could benefit from new coat stands near the entrance way. As well as being highly practical, these items truly look the part. And a folding screen to a room will simply look classy!

So remember, not only metal bed and garden sets, we have a vast array of metal furniture accessories for you to peruse at your leisure. By making the most of objects like this, you can provide your home with a fantastic makeover.

Iron furniture to suit you

It is fair to say that we live in an age when mass production rules the world. You might have resigned yourself to the idea that, when you are sourcing furniture for your home, you will not be able to find the perfect items, nor particularly unique, but rather will have to search through the products available to find one that is somehow suitable. Unlikely to get the products of your dreams in this way!

This is where we come in! Here at Metal Design Furniture we appreciate that you are the one who will be using the metal furniture and therefore it is crucial it meets your personal needs.

Whether you are seeking double metal beds, metal decorative shelves or anything else, we should be able to meet your requirements. So, if you see a product featured in our catalogue but want it in a different size or colour, or would like another form of alteration, we might well be able to meet your requirements.

Here are some of the products bespoke-made to our customers’ specifications or drawings…

Folding screen for a lady in Italy

Arches for an accessories shop

Anna bed named after our customer who sent us a drawing of how she wanted her bed to look like

So, next time you set about finding new products of this nature for your home, don’t settle for second best. Make sure you come to us to see if we have the ideal solution for you.

You might well have the items you buy for many years, so getting your decision right and ensuring you use a flexible and approachable firm like us can make a significant difference.

And, despite our ability to produce bespoke metal furniture, our prices are still extremely competitive.

The world’s largest flower show: inspirations for your garden

It feels as though summer has made an early appearance this year. The sun is staying up way past its seasonal curfew and those once naked green stems are showing their vibrant appreciation. And it’s exactly now when we lose some layers of our own and rediscover our fondness for that most personal of outdoor spaces; the garden.

And where better to find your inspiration for next summer’s garden design than this year’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show? We are really excited to be playing a special part in this year’s event! Raine Garden Design, persistent winners at Hampton Court, winning Silver in 2009 and Bronze in 2010 for their garden designs, have chosen our Castrum garden chairs and table to complement their vision for their 2011 offering.

The theme of their garden for 2011 is contemporary and is entitled ‘The Potential Feast.’ Raine’s design demanded quality bespoke metal garden furniture, which is as individual and eye catching as their planting. We think the elegance of our Castrum collection will fit in perfectly with their colourful and imaginative garden.

So all we have to do now is keep our fingers crossed! If you are attending the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show from 5th to 10th July 2011, be sure to come over and visit us, and also look out for extensive coverage on BBC Television and Radio.