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Spare a Minute this Bank-Holiday and Vote for Us!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little rest and relaxation over the bank holiday weekend. This is a great time of year; the start of the football season, the X-Factor’s returns and the kids will be back to school before you know it. Make the most of it; the weather’s still quite good and the nights are still light.(I know it seems far away but soon the autumn will creep in and it’ll be Christmas before you know it!)

We’re pleased at punch here at Metal Design Furniture because we’ve been nominated for Website of the Year 2011. The Good Web Guide (AKA ‘the thinking man’s Google’) sifts through thousands of small web-based businesses and organisations to find their supreme site. The judges are looking for websites that offer something unique, presented in a user friendly manner and providing excellent customer service. Last year, Shipping & delivery company AnyVan won the title.

We have until the 10th October to be shortlisted for the final so just click the icon on the left and let The Good Web Guide know why you like our site. It could be something as simple as you like the menu and navigation, maybe you were impressed by our service when you bought from us or perhaps you’re fascinated by my Monday morning blog entries!

Whatever the reason, it could make all the difference and your support will be much appreciated. So go on…it’ll only take a minute. Winners will be announced at an Awards Reception in London during Global Entrepreneurship Week between 14 to 20th November 2011. So, watch this space…

Home Inspiration – Wrought Iron Furniture

Need inspiration in re-decorating your rooms? We’ve scoured the web to bring you the very best of wrought iron furniture in interior design. You can create these looks yourself with the furniture, accessories and patio sets available from Metal Design Furniture. Be inspired!

Girls Bedroom
– Try our Cinderella bed in anthracite grey with bronze patina or white and accessorise with pink bedding and translucent curtains.


Simplicity – for a similar bed, try Maris metal bed in black or anthracite grey


Glamour – add some splendour to your bedroom

Indian Feel – For a similar effect, use our Classico Sofa in black and accessorize with Indian fabrics and cushions.


Spanish Style – for a similar candle holder, try our James candle holder


– we love this beautiful bath tub, we really should develop a bathroom collection of items next!


Vintage Garden – for a similar bench, use Castrum Twoseater in white or cream white. Add golden patina for an antique effect.


Functionality – use similar Italia tall shelves, with a matching umbrella stand


Poolside – create the same effect with our Classico Sofa set and Oliver lounger!


Mirror Mirror


Christmas Time – what better way to create the atmosphere than with candle hodlers? try our Line Candle Holder, Christmas candle holder or James candle holder for a similar effect!

Wrought Iron Corset – well, this one is really for inspiration!


10 Fascinating Facts about Sun Bathing & Tanning

It’s August, the hottest time of year, so this month we’re talking about the sun. Worshipping, bathing, tanning and lounging; we’ve been doing it for thousands of years! Here are 10 fascinating facts about sunbathing in history…

1. Ancient Romans adored sun bathing, they even had name for it – ‘Apricatio.’

2. Olympian athletes were required to take sun-baths as part of their training.

3. ‘Day beds’ have been seen in ancient cultures going as far back as 3000BC, evolving into what we know today as the modern sun lounge.

4. Basking in the sun in the middle ages was practically illegal, seen as pagan sun God worship.

5. In Victorian times, a sun tan was seen as a sign of poverty, due to a life labouring under the elements. Women went to extremes to follow the fashion for delicately pale skin, even using bleach on their faces.

6. In the late 1800s, Arnold Rikli opened a health institution in Austria where he prescribed sun-baths to heal various diseases.

7. Legend has it that it was the very Coco Chanel who gave rise to the popularity of tanned skin; she accidentally got tanned on a yacht and started an overnight craze.

8. Nudists where the first to embrace the sunshine out of choice rather than necessity. Before the 1930s, there was no real distinction between sunbathing and nudism. One of the first British societies for social nudity was called the Sun Bathing Society.

9. In 1971, Mattel introduced Malibu Barbie, with tanned skin and her very own bottle of sun tan lotion.

10. It is scientifically proven that sun exposure alleviates symptoms of stress and depression.

“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.” – Henry Ward Beecher

As our tribute to sunbathing, you can get 15% off our wrought iron sun lounger this month – exclusively to our e-newsletter subscribers!


Out with the Old, In with the New – Get Our Gorgeous New catalogue!

Yes, I know, it’s been taking ages! But we promise, all our subscribers, you’re in for a treat. For those who haven’t yet signed up, you’re missing out on even more.

Our new catalogue is bursting with design inspiration, so it’s worth checking out even if it’s just for ideas. If you want to buy, it contains full details of each and every piece we offer, from wrought iron beds and coat stands to planters and candle holders. Our 68 information packed pages, contain glorious imagery to showcase our products, with all dimensions and specifications. We really wanted to celebrate wrought iron furniture and express through our catalogue the elegance and versatility it offers.

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