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The Classic Coat Stand Come-Back

In the mid 1800s, hip and stylish Café Daum in Vienna commissioned Gebruder Thonet to design a coat stand for high-society patrons to hang their coats, hats and umbrellas.

The classic Thonet design was created, born from a breakthrough technique in bending wood into graceful shapes using hot steam.  This famous design has been replicated throughout the ages.

After a brief revival in the 1960s and 70s, however, coat stands practically disappeared from UK hallways. The birth of contemporary minimalism in the 1990s seemed to mean the end for the traditional Thornet or Cafe Daum coat stand. For the last decade or so this piece of furniture has been seen as old-fashioned; a statement that not many of us wanted to make, conjuring up images of dusty dated Victorian hallways.

Slowly though, coat stands are making a come-back! In a modern home, you still need a place to hang coats, scarves, hats and store your umbrellas. Over the last few years, as people realise that fashionable isn’t always practical, the humble coat stand is making its way into our homes again.

And nowadays, there’s a myriad of contemporary designs and materials to choose from, rather than just bentwood. Modern coat stands are more like sculptures or artwork for your hallway; a functional way to express yourself. For this reason many of us choose to have them in bedrooms and bathroom too, from which we can casually hang towels or bath robes.

Our Classico design is a wrought iron coat stand based on the Thonet classic but with a modern twist. It represents a new innovation in coat stands, too – this time in design! Its designer has reconsidered the standard coat stand form based upon the way in which coat stands mostly stand against walls.

The Classico has been given a straight back for alignment against a wall, whilst the front opens in a semicircle for easy access and evenly spread hanging of your coats.

If you still prefer a more minimalistic and futuristic look, our Kris coat stand in a shiny metal finish will give you the desired effect.

So, why not make a statement in your hall? Our range of coat stands and umbrella holders are available in colours and finishes to suit every décor style.

Garden Furniture Trends for 2012 – from the International Spoga Garden Trade Show in Cologne

I know your are probably not thinking of garden furniture at the moment, but just like in fashion, new trends are always a season ahead!

So on my return back from the international garden trade fair (Spoga Gafa) in Cologne that we’ve just visited here’s a sneak peak at the hottest new trends you’ll be seeing in 2012’s outdoor décor and garden furniture:

1. Lost Magic
A dreamy, slightly nostalgic look is in trend for 2012. UK consumers want their gardens to feel sensual and romantic. We’ll see whimsical, fantasy gardens for complete escapism. Furniture designs are playful and airy, with fluent lines. Well, it’s good to know we are spot on trend here! For a similar armchair, check our Classico armchair.


2. Natural Nordic
Nordic design definitely influences next year’s market. This means a cooler more restrained style with lots of natural materials. The trend was marked by straightforward furniture designs, minimalism and combinations of unpainted steel and ash/grey wood.

Our answer to this trend and the one below (see Urban Chic, below) is the Linea bench being developed for next spring! let us know what you think!

3. Urban Chic
For consumers that like city glamour, the 2012 trend of urban chic will be the right thing. It offers extravagant design-oriented shapes and refined details. More and more of us are turning our courtyards and rooftops into city havens.

4. Colour Trend – Green
Indeed, metal furniture in green has a special liveliness to it. Green gives a balcony or patio a fresh playful look. It ties in with nature giving an exciting but harmonious overall appearance. We saw metal furniture with playful laser cut patters in bright greens, looking fantastic in modern show gardens.

Remember, you can order all oru furniture in custom colours as well – want to have something from our range in green? Email us!

5. Classic and Modern Merge

Furniture designs for next year exhibited a combination of modern and classic features. There were many examples of modern chair designs with square tubes that incorporated classic or flowery laser cut patterns.
For more 2012 inspiration, take a quick look at Spoga Gafa on Flickr.

Your Bedroom in the new Autumn-Winter Season

It’s that time of the year when we slowly move our activities indoors. Whilst the time of extensive seasonal socializing will put demands on your living and dining rooms, bedroom remains the most private part of your home.

You don’t have to use it just for sleeping either. A bedroom that feels beautiful, comfortable and cosy is a space where you can re-charge yourself with energy in many ways. Set it up for breakfast for two, use it to disappear from the rest of the house to finish that chapter of your book, take an afternoon nap with the sun playing on your face and pillow, or introduce some decorative details for a night of fantasy.

For this, we think metal beds are marvellously versatile. Their forms are inspiring and playful, whether you go for contemporary or traditional designs, and they are available in multiple colour choices and finishing options. Therefore, they have a better chance of not being overlooked even after a long time, and stay an attractive focus point of the bedroom. Whereas wood is just wood. It can’t be easily bended or moulded into unique, ornate forms.

Here are 4 bedroom designs, to inspire anyone in the process of a bedroom makeover.

1. Contemporary
Metal beds with sleek, clean lines support either a pure minimalistic bedroom style or a bold statement piece.

Achromatic shades such as pure white, silver, grey, jet black or anthracite grey bed frames will emphasize the modern element, but you could also go for a bright colour such as green to make a statement or to introduce some playfulness. If you go for a monochromatic colour scheme, you can add accents in a vibrant, dynamic shade such as lime, aquamarine or cerise pink.

To make the room feel lighter and calmer, incorporate white. You can start with a white bed and accessorise in different shades of white; add a dark black or shiny element for a contrast. To complete the contemporary bedroom look, accessorise with a feature piece for the wall such as a piece of abstract artwork or a large trendy mirror, invest in some futuristic looking beside lamps or a designer chair for the corner. Don’t over-do it though, contemporary look doesn’t take clutter.

2. Romantic
Delicate, flowing framework will help create a romantic space. Choose metal beds with curves, curls and twists, with a reminiscence of the past. Perhaps, splash out on a canopy bed from which you can hang floaty drapes.

For colour, choose pure white or cream framework. When you decorate, all-out pure white with different textures will create a heavenly feel. If you’re worried it’ll look too stark, mix with warmer cream to warm the space. Romantic look also works well with a pastel shade. Sky blue is a good choice, as is lilac or mint green, pink will be a little OTT.

For romantic decorative pieces use fresh flowers and scented candles. A misty, dusky landscape or intricately designed mirror in the same colour as the bed will look great on the wall.

3. Rustic

Choose a traditional, classic design with an elegant pattern. This style will work best with natural coloured framework, so choose jet black or anthracite grey metal beds. For a more antique feel, go for a patina finish on the metal-work in bronze, gold or green.

White or cream walls work well and will show off your metal beds framework nicely. Use a tonal scheme of warm, neutral shades for soft furnishings and a hint of stronger earthy tones such as terracotta or evergreen.

Natural looking materials and textures work best in a rustic room such as wrought iron, with a combination of wood. Rustic styles tend to be basic and unembellished so don’t over-accessorise.

4. Luxurious

A bold design, reflecting opulence and extravagance will work best to create luxury boudoir. Create even more drama with gold or bronze coloured framed metal beds. Choose a palate of shades that symbolise luxury, metallics are an obvious choice. Alternatively go for a simple scheme that incorporates a majestic looking shade such as royal blue or rich red walls.

The key to a luxury style bedroom is a mixture of sumptuous textures and fabrics such as satin, silk, or velvet. Look for a luxurious rug, satin scatter cushions and shimmery chiffon curtains. An elaborate chandelier or ornate mirror will add to the effect.

5 Different Dining Spaces Styles

There are several types of dining space you could have in your home, which will determine styling. For example, if you have a kitchen/diner then a formal arrangement will not necessarily suit the room. Or, you may be lucky enough to have a separate formal dining room and a conservatory; then you can devote each room to its own purpose, using the conservatory for relaxed family dining and the formal area to entertain guests.

In this post, we’ve divided dining space into 5 diner types. We’ve chosen the versatile wrought iron dining table to illustrate new dining room styles as it can be suited to all 5 spaces and can fit in with a variety of décor themes.

1. Lounge Diner – Think Harmony
The most difficult space to get right, you must achieve the right balance between maintaining the flow-through whilst creating two distinct areas. Match your theme and furniture throughout but use different colours to create a separate space.

2. Kitchen Diner – Think Relaxed
You must create a versatile space that ties in with your kitchen. Your space is required to be friendly and relaxed over breakfast whilst offering the versatility to become elegant by evening.

3. Conservatory Dining Room – Think Light
Work with the superb natural light in a conservatory dining room and create a light and airy space. The focal point ought to be the garden view so bear this in mind when designing your room.

4. Separate Dining Room – Think Formal
Would traditionally be a formal dining area. It will lend itself to many interior design styles, depending on the existing features. Some colour trends are Honeysuckle (voted Panatones colour of the year), cedar, deep teal, coffee liquor and nougat.

5. Outdoor Dining – Think Warmth
If you’ve got a covered area in your garden, a patio re-vamp for the colder months is sensible. You can incorporate heating and create a cosier atmosphere, so you will be able to dine there on an occasional sunny day!