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See our Metal Beds in the South East

Just a quick note to let everyone from the Sussex area know that our Gala Bed will be on display at the The Red Bed Company in Hove from 15 Nov.

If you’re looking for a new bed, the boutique showrooms at The Red Bed Co are a great starting point. With 4 display areas in their basement on Portland Road, you’re sure to find some inspiration.

For a glamorous style Bedroom, you need look no further than our Gala Bed. The striking, contemporary design is available in luxurious pearl gold, antique white-gold or shimmering silver grey. It’s the perfect way to inject some dazzle and drama into your boudoir for the festive season that will also keep all year round!

Furnish with our stunning free-standing wrought iron mirror and an elegant wrought iron chair in matching finishes. This will create a fabulous dressing area so you can make yourself look and feel as gorgeous as your new room. Then accessorise with chandelier lighting and luxurious fabrics such as silk cushions, velvet curtains and satin sheets. All that’s missing is a glass of your favourite champagne!

The Gala is available in king and super-king size, you can then choose from the range of luxury mattresses ready for testing at Red Bed’s showroom including the popular Hynos. Whilst we offer our metal beds in European sizes, The Red Bed Co will have it available in the imperial King size for those of you who already have the imperial king size mattress.

For directions and opening hours, see the Red Bed Co website or you can of course order the Gala Bed direct from Metal Design Furniture.

If you’re in Brighton and Hove tonight, don’t miss out on famous Lanes Halloween walk, the Ghost Walk of the Lanes starts from the Druid’s Head Pub on Brighton Place at 7.30pm. You’ll be awestruck by the cities ghostly past!
Happy Halloween!

Customise your Wrought Iron Table Top

We had to share this beautiful table with you!

We were pleased to receive this picture with an email from our happy customers who ordered a customised top Castrum Wrought Iron Table recently. They attached beautiful travertine tiles to the sheet metal table base to create a fabulous Tuscan-style design!

We were also curious so we looked this up – did you know that the word travertine originates from the Italian ‘travertino’?

It is a type of limestone that was originally quarried in Italy and used extensively by the Romans, making it the perfect choice for this project. Chemical deposits within the stone create bands or lines which run through in shades of beige, cream and gold. It is patterned with holes and troughs which give it a rustic texture but is also means that no two tiles are the same.

It’s a great choice for an outdoor dining table top, too, as it is highly durable and can withstand the elements. However, it is porous and it is recommended to use a sealant to protect the table top as the minerals in the stone are highly reactive with acidic solutions.

We wanted to show you this picture as we think this project could inspire others to create their own individual table-top designs. The result will be a hand-made, unique, work of art you can enjoy for years to come.

The beauty is; tiles come in all sorts of finishes, shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Plan and create an intricate mosaic using colours, motifs and symbols of your choice. Or perhaps use coloured glass or mirrored tiles in your design. The possibilities are endless.

Check our Oliver, Paris or Castrum wrought iron tables, their strength and durability is perfect to withstand the weight of the tiling. Several dimensions are available and table legs come with an inserted height-adjustment mechanism for perfect balance. We also offer a choice of colours to fit-in with your vision.

10 Reasons to Choose Wrought Iron Table and Chairs for your Dining Room

1. It Won’t Stain – Unlike other materials, it won’t stain (no more nagging the kids to use coasters)

2. It Won’t Fade – After time wood can fade and you’ll end up with a lack-lustre finish, unless of course you spend time and money maintaining it. Wrought iron table will look as new for years.

3. Easy to Clean – Simply wipe with a damp cloth and voilà!

4. Strength – Strong, sturdy and durable, your wrought iron table and chairs will last a lifetime.

5. More Design Choice – You’ll find there’s much more to choose from, after all, unlike wood, it can be moulded and formed into any shape, allowing for more elaborate, unique designs.

6. Colour and Finish Choice – You can also choose your colour; for example, we offer wrought iron table and chairs in a range of colours such as grey, black, pure white or cream with patina finishes in gold and green.

7. Detachable Cushions – This is a big plus; no expensive upholstery repairs or stain removal, you can also change colour and style easily, as you please.

8. Fits in with existing Furniture – Wrought iron is fairly neutral and will fit in well with your existing furniture and décor. No need to worry about getting the right match of wood.

9. Easy to Update your Interiors – As wrought iron is so versatile and can lend itself well to any style (provided you go for a simple design), you can update your dining room easily, as often as you wish.

10. Multi-Purpose – If you did want something totally new in 5 or 10 years, you can simply relegate your wrought iron table to the patio and use it as garden furniture.

2 Wrought Iron Bedroom Wish Lists

Ok, so it’s autumn and the right time for a bedroom re-vamp; we’re here to help with your shopping list. We’ve carefully selected items that go together from our wrought iron range to create the perfect rustic or elegant bedroom.

Rustic Bedroom Elegant Bedroom

Toscana Bed – Choose this simple yet elegant design with matching nightstands. Go for a traditional colour such as anthracite grey or jet black and then add a patina finish in bronze or green to create an aged affect. Classica Bed in anthracite grey will create an even more country-style look.

Wrought Iron Plant Stands – In a rustic room, it’s best to use natural materials for decoration, making a plant the perfect way to inject some colour into your bedroom. They will make a nice contrast to both light-coloured and dark-coloured floor.

Flora Shelves – This shelving fits in perfectly, but try not to overload with clutter, don’t forget that rustic means simple and minimalistic. Just throw in some folded thick blankets or pile up cushions.

Curl Candle Holders – There’s nothing more rustic than candle light, the curl holders will match in with the rest of the furniture; perfect for your bedside table

Cinderella Bed – The delicate, flowing design looks fantastic in pure white or cream for a romantic boudoir, choose grey for a more traditional style. Matching beside tables will complete the look. Or try Lily metal bed in ivory white.

Wrought iron Mirror – The elegant free-standing wrought iron mirror frame can be purchased in the same colour as your bed. The decorative design will make a real feature piece.

Paris Chair – This chair is the perfect piece to go with your dressing table, in the corner of the room or by the bed. Roses loosely placed on the chair will add a touch of colour.

Classico Coat Stand – This graceful coat stand is a fashionable way to keep your bedroom tidy. You can hang bath robes or dressing gowns, hats, bags and other accessories from it.