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Metal Furniture Trends and Colour Palettes for 2012

The top colour trends for 2012 were announced by Mix Global Colour Research at INTERIORS UK, Birmingham last week. We’ve detailed these below so you can keep up-to-date with latest fashions for the home and garden!

We offer metal furniture to match every style, so have demonstrated how to create the look using items from our collection.  For instance – ‘Vanity’ provides a great Valentine’s day backdrop – Why not consider a bedroom revamp and celebrate at home this year on your very own Classico Love Seat made for two?

Epiphany – Luxury

A traditional, luxurious look featuring; regal purple, sepia browns and soft golds.

Get the Look – Antique heirlooms and anything with embossed detailing, sumptuous velvets and silks, elegant accessories.

By Metal Design Furniture – Gala metal bed in gold, our graceful free-standing mirror, the indulgent Oliver day-lounger and elegant Classico metal garden furniture.


Monitor – Futuristic

Inspired by technology, futuristic and fantastical; luminous neons, tropical cocktail colours.

Get the Look –chrome, space-age accessories, computer graphic, 3D prints.

By Metal Design Furniture – Ultra-modern Linea bed, industrial Classico tall shelves, sleek Castrum Side Table in chrome, silver or black.


Scratch – Vibrant

A youthful trend with bold, energetic palette; zesty green, sunshiny yellow and shocking pink.

Get the Look – laser-cut details, contemporary wall art, scratched or wrapped fabrics, bold prints.

By Metal Design Furniture – Laser cut Trea metal beds and Oliver metal table and chairs and the Castrum garden bench in anthracite grey with vibrant print cushions.


Vanity – Romantic

Pretty, delicate and feminine; rose, pastel pink and fuchsia, mustard, charcoal grey.

Get the Look- feminine prints, embroidery, floaty fabrics, floating candles, fresh flowers.

By Metal Design Furniture – Romantic Paris table and chairs, delicate Cinderella bed, nostalgic folding screen and our Classico 2 seater sofa, in white or cream.

For more inspiration, visit Interiors UK.

A Multi-Purpose Metal Bed for Indoors or Out

Investing in a piece of furniture requires a lot of thought. How will you use it?  Who will use it?  When and Where?  The beauty of our Classico Metal Bed is not just in its stylish design but its versatility too.  Fashionable and functional, it can be used for resting or relaxing; day or night, indoors or out.

Patio Day Bed – Day beds have been used since ancient times. The Greeks knew them as ‘Klines,’ (from which the word recliner was derived).  The Victorians, as Fainting couches, for ladies suffering from over-exertion – a daily occurrence since their tight corsets restricted breathing!  Use yours as a comfortable place to relax and unwind in the open air.

Guest Bed – Use as a stylish guest bed in your spare bedroom.  The Classico metal bed is perfect if you don’t have overnight guests very often because it doubles as a sofa.  This means the room can be used for other purposes the rest of the time and you can enjoy a stylish sofa in your reading room, games room, dressing room etc.

Conservatory Set – Besides the metal bed, our Classico range also includes a 2 seater sofa, armchair and matching coffee table. This makes the perfect conservatory suite; creating an elegant space with the added bonus of a day bed to lounge on or guest bed for visitors.

Outdoor Living Room – Or why not create a charming lounge area in your garden with the Classico range and spend more time outdoors!  Anti-rust treated with hot-zinc bath, your lounge-garden will stay looking beautiful for years with virtually no maintenance.  The sofa bed can then double as a lounger for relaxing in the sunshine and there’s plenty of room for two.

Hall or Reception Room – give your hallway or 2nd reception room a sophisticated look.  Available in anthracite grey, pure white or cream, with a choice of 4 different patina finishes, it will complement any décor.

Metal Furniture Blogroll Top 5

Here’s a list of sites we recommend for home and garden shopping and inspiration.  Whether you’re looking for new metal furniture for your patio or a unique gift, you’re sure to enjoy what these blogs have to offer.


Fab New Home scours the web in search of products that they find interesting and review them independently.  Our Classico metal coat stand was recently described as ‘Coat Stand and Sculptural Artwork in one.’  We like this site as is so easy to browse and its randomness makes it a great source of inspiration.  You’ll find everything in the garden section; from a caravan birdhouse to a Mowbot (robot lawnmower).  Plus you can browse by budget, great if your shopping for gifts or you want to cap your spend.


Once again, this is a simple blog where each post show-cases a product.  We like is as it features specialist UK retailers, bringing you the very best of Britain – for example the Cole Henley Barbecue Table (table with a built in BBQ) and the contemporary fireplaces by Living It Up, and of course, our Paris Bistro set and Oliver wrought iron table and chairs.


Furnish is included because of its attractive design and easy browsing.  The site features designer furniture with a great search facility if you’re looking for something unusual.  The blog is actually called – ‘The Magazine,’ with hot interior design ideas and fab finds.  You can find us as a featured brand for metal furniture.


This site is a bit of a cheat as it is not a blog.  It allows businesses to showcase their products as a gallery.   Products are displayed using a unique technology which makes them easy to view.  It includes galleries from Asda Home, House of Fraser and thousands of independent designers and craftsmen throughout Britain. We love it as it gives you a quick snapshot what the company has to offer, without having to visit their site.  This is extremely useful if you’re looking for a particular product.


England’s longest running weekly magazine for women, est. 1885, chosen because of its intelligent, insightful home and garden articles.  We especially love Coco’s corner, with musings from the office dog; Coco – who recommended out Classico Metal Bed last December.

Let us know if you feel we’ve missed any out  in the comments below.

Making Our Metal Beds – New Technologies

We thought we should write something about laser cutting technology that we use with two of our latest metal beds and we plan to use in the future for new products.

You’ve probably noticed that the new forms of expression that have replaced austere white minimalism favour much more intricate designs, such as lace-inspired patterns.

In fact, lace, that has first been having a comeback in fashion, has been followed by similar designs in furniture, lighting and interior decorating in general in the last two years.

This was enabled by advanced technologies such as laser cutting machines that that can transfer a complicated design onto a metal sheet that can then be incorporated into an object such as bed.

Laser cutting technology uses so-called CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) techniques. The cutting edge technology means we can create highly elaborate designs, allowing us to produce striking, contemporary furniture for your home.

As the laser directs directs a high-powered laser beam that enables total precision cuts, this means the design can consists of almost anything, from detailed crochet-like mesh to having love words or your name written over your headboard!

Using laser-cut lace-like patterns is utterly modern, giving the ‘lace’ a new look and feel, accelerating the process of manufacturing and enabling utmost precision and detail. But at the same time it exudes nostalgia for the bygone times and re-invents the idea of superior craftsmanship. No wonder designers say the trend of giving everything a ‘lace make-over’ is here to stay.

Below are two examples where we introduced this technology, but we plan to introduce more products with this innovative and inspiring technology in the coming year!

Gala Metal Beds - Contemporary waves

Trea Metal Bed – Tree branches