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New Iron plant stands design

two-iron-plant-holdersWe are constantly improving and developing our products through the use of new manufacturing technologies.  So we wanted to be the first to see our new and improved iron plant stands which now feature an ornate flower design.

The detailing on our new plant holders has been created using laser technology.  Laser cutting technology uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacturing (CAM) techniques. These cutting edge tools mean we can create highly elaborate designs, enabling us to produce stunning, contemporary furniture for your home.

You can see how the 10 ‘petals’ have been precision cut into the stand to form an attractive flower pattern.  This forms a Tall iron plant holderdecorative ‘plate’ for the plant to sit on.  Not only do the new holders have a more sophisticated look, this has actually made them sturdier too.  Those who are familiar with our product range may recall that the old design was a cross, rather than a full plate.

Perfect timing:
Plant stands are a perfect solution for when it’s time to move your plants inside before the autumn cold, so this new beautiful design comes in good time, too!  In a choice of 3 sizes, to hold small-large plants, they’ll add a touch of class to your kitchen, living room or conservatory.  There’s also the option to create a beautiful display with a collection of stands in different heights.

Available in a choice of colour and finish they’re ideal for indoor use as you can match them to any style of décor.  Anthracite grey with a green patina will look great in a rustic style kitchen.  Or, choose cream white with a gold patina finish for an elegant conservatory.

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Ideas and themes for your garden

garden-themeThe outdoor space is one that can be enjoyed in many different ways. For those that want to create a place of serenity we have some top tips and ideas to help you along. Ultimately when planning and designing your garden, always add your own personality to it. Creating a garden out of a magazine may seem like a great idea, but make sure you add your own touches.

Styles and themes are important for your garden. A well thought out theme can give your garden character, transporting you to another time or place. Themes are a great idea if you want to hark back to the old days, experience other cultures or plant yourself in the modern world. This month we will focus on creating a rustic, old fashioned style garden that you can relax in (like our furry friend here).

For creating a rustic themed garden consider using lots of wrought iron products. Manual water pumps make a great centrepiece to your garden, you can pump water from a well or clean water source in your garden. Alternatively you can get smaller water pumps that attach to an outdoor water butt. Attaching a pump to a water butt is a great idea and to maintain the rustic feel of your garden, consider turning your water butt into a wooden barrel by covering it with wooden planks secured by iron

Old fashioned oil street lamps are a great rustic feature to light your garden on those late summer evenings. Use them to line your paths or place them near focal points in the garden to really highlight your gardens features. If you struggle to get hold of an oil based lamp, electric and candle lit versions are also great alternatives.

Another great touch for a rustic garden is to cut wooden barrels in half and use them for planters. When using the half barrels as a planter make sure you provide good drainage to help protect the timber from damp and rot. Drill holes into the bottom of the barrel for the water to drain through. The barrel will naturally have 1-2cm space between the ground and the barrel base where the staves protrude. Fill this space with 30-40mm stones and do the same in the bottom of the barrel where you will place your soil to maximise drainage.

When thinking about furniture, metal and iron furniture keep your garden grounded in your rustic theme. Try to avoid concrete or paving slabs to sit your furniture on, instead use natural looking materials like decking. When choosing your decking try to avoid profiled boards where possible, stick to smooth faced decking boards for a natural effect. If you have a decked seating area close to your house but want somewhere to sit amongst the garden, metal garden benches are ideal to use.

One of the most important considerations with your rustic garden will be your plants, shrubs and trees. Fruit trees like apple and plum are great for rustic gardens and harvest a tasty bounty too. These trees can grow to a good size without being too large and are perfect for a mid-large size property. Try to avoid hitting the garden centre and picking up exotic looking flowers, the key to a good rustic garden is keeping it traditional. Poppies, nasturtiums, sweet peas and sunflowers are great for adding a splash of colour to your garden. If you want to add bulk to your garden the English yew, laurel and common box hedge are ideal and can easily be shaped.

So there you have some ideas to get you started on planning and designing your very own rustic garden. Next month we will be giving you tips and advice on creating a garden full of culture from the far reaches.

For more tips, advice and to buy garden landscaping materials visit AVS Fencing Supplies.

Spoga Gafa Garden Furniture Show 2012 – A Sneak Preview



Next week we’re making our annual trip to Cologne for Spoga Gafa, the international garden furniture show.  The trade fair is a global marketplace for outdoor leisure.  Around 2,000 companies from 52 countries will present the latest products, trends and innovations.

Regular readers may remember our report from last year’s show, predicting garden trends for 2012.  For 2013, we’re set to go casual.  According to a recent press article by Spoga Gafa, casual-cool and airy-transparent looks will dominate the outdoor living world next year.

The emphasis will be on homely, cosy outdoor spaces which blur the lines between outside and indoors.  So, we expect to see lots of accessories at the show this year like outdoor lamps, rugs, and smaller furniture items.  This is exactly what we aim to achieve with our range of quality garden furniture range.  We offer the entire package; including gazebos and pergolas to provide completely enclosed areas, as well as outdoor lounge sets, plant stands, shelving, and side tables.

As well as our range of metal garden furniture, we supply several lawn-mower manufacturers with technical products for the garden such as pavement laying tools.  So, Spoga Gafa is a great opportunity for us to network with global buyers.

The show takes place between the 2nd-4th September; we’ll publish a full review on the blog upon our return detailing the highlights. A must read for those who want to discover new looks for next season, so watch this space.

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Colin Crabbe’s custom-made metal gazebo

metal gazeboIt’s really nice when we manage to help someone with their vision for their home and garden, so this week we’d like to share some details about another one of our projects.

We were delighted when Colin Crabbe; world renowned collector and dealer of rare classic cars, contacted us for about producing a swim-spa enclosure.

Formula 1 fans of you may remember Colin’s company, Antique Automobiles, which made their Formula 1 debut as private entrants at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1969. Their driver Vic Elford raced an ex-works Mclaren M7A and a Cooper Maserati.  In the company’s second season, Swedish driver Ronnie Peterson raced a March 701, achiromano gazeboeving 7th place.

Colin also sourced and raced a pre-war Mercedes Grand Prix W125 – a story you can read in an interview featured in Classic Driver Magazine.  Probably hidden by the Russians, the car was retrieved from East German/Polish border where it had been since 1945. Crabbe went on to win the Seaman Trophy at Oulton Park in 1971.

When the Crabbe family contacted us about an enclosure for their garden swim spa/hydro pool we were more than happy to help.

For the family, privacy was importantwrought iron gazebo so we customised our Romano metal gazebo to their exact requirements.  The 3m x 5.6m gazebo fits perfectly over their spa, giving them extra privacy and shelter from the elements.

Looking stunning in situ, the gazebo allows complete privacy with the use of curtains to create a fully enclosed area.  This is also ideal for extending the use of the spa into the autumn and even winter months.

Regular readers may also remember the project we did for the Grims Dyke Hotel; the same elegant metal gazebo model was customised and used to create an outdoor breakfast area for their guests and sheltered space for events.

If you have bespoke requirements for a gazebo, pergola, Metal Design Furniture can help. Contact us with your vision and we’ll discuss how to make your individual project come true.