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Twilight interiors for a happy Halloween

The hugely popular book and film series Twilight has become a cultural phenomenon.  For those who’ve still not had the pleasure of reading or watching the saga, briefly it’s about mortal girl, Bella Swan, who falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen.

The popularity of the Twilight tales seems to have resulted in the unthinkable…it’s made gothic grudge glamorous.  To mark Halloween, we thought we’d take a look at dark and mysterious, gothic inspired furniture and interiors.


Gothic glam isn’t difficult to pull-off.  The main danger is in over-doing it and ending up with a lounge/diner that Dracula himself would be proud of.  You can introduce this style as a contrast to chic, elegant interiors, with a few clever accents or a couple of chairs.  If you want to opt for all out drama and opulence, choose a statement piece such as a bed, mirror or candelabra and keep accessories to a minimum.

Colours & fabrics

Black and white, with a hint of red will ensure your interiors look ultra-elegant, accessorise with delicate Victorian style lace.  White with natural, rustic browns and beiges also works well; introduce a hint of gold for a luxury feel.  Red and blue, gold are associated with the gothic movement and often seen in wallpapers.  Look out for gothic revival patterns for soft furnishing.

Accessory ideas

  • Red roses
  • Large, ornate mirrors
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall sconces
  • Stained glass
  • Arched shapes
  • Pewter
  • Cusping (mounted projecting heads or animals)

Furniture & Accessories

wrought iron candle holder

Candelabras – Great for adding drama and sophistication.

ornate wrought iron mirror

Freestanding mirror – An ornate mirror will look great in a gothic bedroom or hallway.

wrought iron chair

Wrought iron chairs – Rustic & traditional chairs for your kitchen or dining room.

wrought iron bed

Embrace the romance of the period with an ornate wrought iron bed.

Trea metal bed black

Black feature bed with contrasting linen shows the scary side of Goth.


Commercial furniture for the University of London

bespoke commercial desksWe’re proud to release pictures showing details of yet another commercial furnishing project we’ve been involved in – this time at word-class teaching institution Birkbeck College, University of London.

Among the top 1% of Universities Worldwide, as rated by The Times – Birkbeck is a prestigious research centre and London’s only provider of evening, higher education.  The School of Psychological Sciences contacted us about furnishings for their PhD suite.

The college specified exactly how many workstations they needed in each room, we designed the suite and produced bespoke desks at universityrange of bespoke desks that maximised space.  Desk height, top material and colours were selected by the college.  You’ll see that they opted for white metal work surfaces with a silver finish on the metal structure.  We added lockable matching drawers for convenient, safe storage for PhD students.

You’ll see that the lab looks modern and well-ordered.  The arrangement gives works station users maximum space.  The environment is minimalistic and calming, providing the right setting for study and research.

This project led to us being commissioned to fit out 2 further computer labs at the college.  We supplied bespoke size desks in maple, with lockable computer boxes in several sizes to hold computer towers.

commercial office furniturePleased with the results, some of the staff decided it was time for an office makeover of their own.  We were happy to assist with desks, coat stands, and other accessories to furnish their private work spaces.

You may have noticed that they are no desks available to purchase on our website.  This is because requirements for bespoke desks vary widely.  It’s not just a case of whether you want square or round, large or small.  You’ll need to consider your computer type, tower storage, whether you need drawers, the height required etc.

If you’d like a desk made to order for your office, contact us directly and tell us about your work space.

Wrought iron chairs to create inspirational interiors

In the autumn and winter months the way you use your home changes.  You might spend more time in kitchen cooking hearty meals, or opt for dinner parties at home, rather than braving the night time air.

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, conservatory or dining room, to make the indoors more inviting for the cold winter months – take a look at our fabulous range of wrought iron chairs.  They’ll give your space style and are ergonomically designed for comfort…ideal for autumnal activities such as carving your pumpkin, making soup or enjoy a hot cup of chocolate.

Our chairs are available in a range of styles in your choice of colour and finish.  Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or dining room with a gold patina finish, or try a rusty bronze on cream to warm up your interiors.  Here are two creative ways to use chairs to enhance your décor.

Antique-kitchen-with-dining-room-green chairs

Introduce colour

These elegant pastel green kitchen chairs have brought colour and life into this kitchen (left).  See the clever use of green accents – the plants, pears and crockery on the wall shelves.  The colour scheme is light and airy and the antique style furniture gives the kitchen a quaint cottage feel.

Get the look with our Paris Chairs

Add contrast

Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen (right) has a modern, feminine chic design.  See how the designers have cleverly used traditional black wrought iron chairs to contrast the look and add extra interest.  The thick, luxurious leather cushions make the chairs extra inviting and slightly soften the harsh lines of the chair.

Get the look with our Castrum Chairs

Is your bed affecting your health?

Poor beds affect sleepAre you one of the 75% of Brits that don’t get enough sleep?  If so, there’s a chance that your worn-out, inferior quality bed may be the cause.

Do you suffer from sleep related ailments?

Sleep affects well-being.  While some indicators that your bed may be causing you harm are quite obvious (insomnia, back pain) – others are not.  Did you know that failing to get enough sleep is associated with headaches, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety?  Not getting enough sleep also increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

 Is your sleep space less than the size of a cot?

A standard double bed is 4ft 6inches wide, giving each person 2ft 3inches of bed space.  This is actually the same size as a cot (Mothercare Cot Bed is 70cmx140cm).  A king-size or super-king on the other hand is 6ft, giving you 2 single beds (one each).  This can greatly improve the quality of your sleep.  It means that you won’t be affected by your partner moving and turning over in the night. You can see these measurements in metric and imperial and find out more about bed sizes by checking out our bed size guide

How long have you had your bed?Metal bed frame construction

Mattresses should be replaced every 5 to 7 years.  As well as harbouring germs and dust mites, the springs fail and you don’t get adequate support.  A high quality bed frame can last much longer, sometimes up to 15 years.  If you’ve had your bed or mattress longer, there’s a chance it could be affecting the quality of your sleep.

Does your bed make noises it shouldn’t do?

Cheap chipboard beds can start creaking and squeaking after as little as a year and this means disturbed sleep.  Our metal beds are specially designed to be completely silent for years to come.  With a unique 3 point frame construction and a quality sprung slatted base, you can be sure you’ll sleep soundly.

Read 7 good reasons to buy our metal beds