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4 Film Bedrooms – Get the Look

We’ve been thinking how often beautiful beds feature in various Hollywood productions.  Here are 4 film bedroom scenes which we’re sure you’ll recognise.  They all have one thing in common – a fabulous metal bed.

The Holidthe holiday bedroom-with white metal beday (2006)

Iris’s cottage décor in is adorable, a mismatched collection of furniture, painted cabinets, and exposed brickwork – more shabby than chic but it just works.  The bedroom is lifted by the charming white metal bed with flower detailing which further complements the look.

Get the look with our elegant Lily bed in white or cream




Ameile (2001)

Ameile Poula in’s apartment in this film depicting contemporary Paris life is the epitome of vintage Parisian style – rich colours, drama, luxurious textures, and eclectic accessories.  The rouge damask wallpaper in the bedroom is set off with metallic gold trim and the dramatic wrought iron bed is simply dazzling.

See our Maris bed in black with gold patina



Breakfastbreakfast at tiffanies metal bed at Tiffanies (1961)

Holly Golightly’s bed is a reflection of her character – elegant, glamorous, complex, made with strong metal, yet with a delicate framework.  This iconic bedroom is totally feminine chic; create the style yourself with glam vintage pieces with a black and white colour scene and some splashes of Tiffany blue.

Choose our Cinderella metal bed in black to copy her style



Mama MiMammaMia Bedrooma (2008)

This Grecian-style bed has lots of character with its blue framework at gold trim.  The bed posts almost look like classical columns – the colours give it a quirky seaside feel.   This lookis perfect for a beach-side cottage or flat.

All our metal bed frames are available in a colour of your choice

Our Visit to the Ideal Home Christmas Exhibition

ideal home show banner

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The Ideal Home Show at Christmas was on at Earls Court over the weekend for festive inspiration.  We visited last week (totally work-related of course) and are still brimming with excitement and ideas.

There were 600 exhibitors in 6 sections – Interiors & Furnishings, Food & Drink, Home Improvements, Fashion & Beauty, Technology & Gadgets and Gifts & Decorations.

The interior hall includes 2 of Christmassy sets designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – one naughty, one nice. Naughty was glamorous and sophisticated in rich red and black.  Nice was fresh and invigorating in pure white with peacock greens.

The outdoor Living area within the home improvement section had lots of great ideas to enhance outdoor spaces and get more use out of it in the winter months, a subject that’s very close to our hearts.  This included gazebos, heating, outdoor furniture and décor.

There was a How to theatre with a full program of exciting presentations including-

  • How to make up-cycled xmas decorations by Daniel Hill
  • How to get your garden ready for xmas by Katie Rushworth
  • The perfect floral Christmas by Jamie Aston

A key trend for the 2012 season is reclaimed, recycled, up-cycled and anything that’s hand-made.  Visitors brushed up on their present wrapping and learnt how to make delightful homemade cards in the gifts section.  Workshops included how to make a wreath and table setting tips. Plus there was  an amazing market that was full of hand-crafted goodies.

Gino D’Acampo and Olly Smith were at the food theatre – sharing loads of Christmas tips on spicing up canapés, cake decorating and of course, cooking the perfect turkey.  Visitors enjoyed the champagne bar next to the catwalk show too – chatting abour festive fashion and beauty.

Get TV style tips by watching Kristie’s Vintage Home on C4 Thursday at 8pm for some great vintage crafting tips – create the perfect space or hand-make gifts this xmas.

Where it all happens – Report from the factory

Metal design furniture factoryAs you may know, we manufacture our own brand of metal furniture.  Far from being mass-produced, every piece is made with care and attention to detail by highly skilled staff.  The difference is we employ state of the art equipment for superior quality furniture.  This includes a little help from highly advanced robotic welders who we rely on for consistent accuracy and high performance.

The magic happens at our facility in Slovenia.  In operation for 22 years, the factory has a fine reputation for quality and care.  We asked one of our craftsmen if he’d take the time to explain a little more about the machinery used and its implications for your furniture.  Here’s what he came up with:

AMADA Laser cutting
The LC-Alpha Series allows us to cut metal with precision and accuracy.  Using CAD, patterns are precision cut with lasers, leaving a polished, finished edge.  This technology enables us to offer you a range of stylish laser cut designs.  See our Trea Metal Bed

AMADA Press Brake
Amada’s press brake is a machine for bending sheet metal.  It includes multi-axis computer-controlled backgauges and can be used for many different forming jobs.

making metal furnitureABB Robotic Welding
The performance of our welding robots is first-rate; our robots are so precise; they can even be used to decorate cakes.  Joints give your furniture its strength and stability and our equipment guarantees durability and longevity.

GEMA Powder Coating
Our products are electrostatically powder coated using the advanced GEMA system.  Their unique quick colour change equipment allows us to offer you bespoke colours and finishes for your home furnishings.