A Multi-Purpose Metal Bed for Indoors or Out

Investing in a piece of furniture requires a lot of thought. How will you use it?  Who will use it?  When and Where?  The beauty of our Classico Metal Bed is not just in its stylish design but its versatility too.  Fashionable and functional, it can be used for resting or relaxing; day or night, indoors or out.

Patio Day Bed – Day beds have been used since ancient times. The Greeks knew them as ‘Klines,’ (from which the word recliner was derived).  The Victorians, as Fainting couches, for ladies suffering from over-exertion – a daily occurrence since their tight corsets restricted breathing!  Use yours as a comfortable place to relax and unwind in the open air.

Guest Bed – Use as a stylish guest bed in your spare bedroom.  The Classico metal bed is perfect if you don’t have overnight guests very often because it doubles as a sofa.  This means the room can be used for other purposes the rest of the time and you can enjoy a stylish sofa in your reading room, games room, dressing room etc.

Conservatory Set – Besides the metal bed, our Classico range also includes a 2 seater sofa, armchair and matching coffee table. This makes the perfect conservatory suite; creating an elegant space with the added bonus of a day bed to lounge on or guest bed for visitors.

Outdoor Living Room – Or why not create a charming lounge area in your garden with the Classico range and spend more time outdoors!  Anti-rust treated with hot-zinc bath, your lounge-garden will stay looking beautiful for years with virtually no maintenance.  The sofa bed can then double as a lounger for relaxing in the sunshine and there’s plenty of room for two.

Hall or Reception Room – give your hallway or 2nd reception room a sophisticated look.  Available in anthracite grey, pure white or cream, with a choice of 4 different patina finishes, it will complement any décor.

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