Collaboration Series Part II: Metal Design Furniture In A Second Exciting Project…

A few weeks ago, we heard about Metal Design Furniture’s beautiful collaboration with interior designer Sam Tinsley Wood to produce a gorgeous outside venue – The Secret Garden – in Rochdale, Lancashire (for a reminder, click here for the full post).

But our collaboration doesn’t end here! Metal Design Furniture is now working on a second exciting project with Tinsley Wood Interior Design, this time in the restaurant and wine shop Cenetta.

A glimpse of our exciting new project

Though the project is still currently a work in progress, we can share some exclusive new details about Metal Design Furniture’s part in the plan and give you a taste of our work.

 Cenetta’s design idea is unique – it is decorated as a striking, venerable old church. Designer Tinsley Wood envisioned antique forged effect panels as decorative details for pillars – and we provided, pictured to the right.

 The pieces were created through sanding the laser-cut pieces with a special procedure to achieve the perfect rustic effect.

We hotly anticipate seeing the finished result – they will undoubtedly look magnificent! If you would like to see the end product, too, look out for more updates on this project, due in the near future.

Selling Metal Furniture – Interview with our apprentice

Since everyone enjoyed the interview with Dave, we made another one with Alex, a French business student that did a two-month apprenticeship with us last year, in Sales. Here is what he says!

1. What did you enjoy most about working at Metal Design Furniture?

Well, what I like the most was the ambiance of the company. It was really friendly and it was a pleasure to work in this atmosphere.

2. Tell us a funny story about the most unusual client you spoke to during your internship.

I think that the most funny was when I called people and they try to replied in French, which was a really nice thing by the way, but the fact is that I didn’t understand what they told me even though I’m French.

3. Can you talk about how you used your work at Metal Design Furniture in your thesis?

Well, I had to do a file about the way I worked at Metal Design Furniture. Basically, I had to describe the way I follow to do my prospection.

4. If you were a piece of Metal Design Furniture, which would you be?

It’s hard to choose, but I think I would be a bed because, if they are as comfortable as they look that should be great.

Thanks, Alex, we liked working with you, too!

From Furniture Manufacturers to Your Home – Interview with our warehouse manager

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from our previous Report from the Factory  Many said that they found our openness refreshing and like the fact we were proud to tell-all about our processes and even name the machinery we use.  Our new customers said they felt more confident and reassured when making a purchase too.

So, we thought we’d make it even more personal this time with an interview with Dave, our warehouse manager from RT Page.

Dave, how do you manage quality control in the warehouse?

Goods are checked in on receipt of them to ensure that the items delivered match that of the pre-advice notification.  Packaging is also checked for damage and to assess its durability to be able to travel through the various available distribution networks when orders are placed for their despatch.

When orders for despatch are notified the goods picked are double checked to ensure the rights goods are sent to the right customer. We wouldn’t want you to get a wrong metal bed, for example!

How will each order be shipped?

They will be shipped via a parcel network, pallet network or on a dedicated/groupage vehicle. The correct delivery method is selected based on the size and weight of the goods being delivered, destination of delivery point and the requirements at the delivery point.

How do you ensure its safety during transit?

All goods are packaged at the furniture manufacturers to ensure their safe transit. When applicable goods are further protected when they are palletised, banded and shrink wrapped to the pallet.

We only used reputable distribution partners to ensure the safe delivery of the goods to the customer.

Can the customer choose a delivery day or time?

Yes the delivery date can be chosen before the delivery is despatched. We select the right despatch date to meet the needs of the delivery date. On the day of delivery we will always try and gain an estimated time of delivery.

Where it all happens – Report from the factory

Metal design furniture factoryAs you may know, we manufacture our own brand of metal furniture.  Far from being mass-produced, every piece is made with care and attention to detail by highly skilled staff.  The difference is we employ state of the art equipment for superior quality furniture.  This includes a little help from highly advanced robotic welders who we rely on for consistent accuracy and high performance.

The magic happens at our facility in Slovenia.  In operation for 22 years, the factory has a fine reputation for quality and care.  We asked one of our craftsmen if he’d take the time to explain a little more about the machinery used and its implications for your furniture.  Here’s what he came up with:

AMADA Laser cutting
The LC-Alpha Series allows us to cut metal with precision and accuracy.  Using CAD, patterns are precision cut with lasers, leaving a polished, finished edge.  This technology enables us to offer you a range of stylish laser cut designs.  See our Trea Metal Bed

AMADA Press Brake
Amada’s press brake is a machine for bending sheet metal.  It includes multi-axis computer-controlled backgauges and can be used for many different forming jobs.

making metal furnitureABB Robotic Welding
The performance of our welding robots is first-rate; our robots are so precise; they can even be used to decorate cakes.  Joints give your furniture its strength and stability and our equipment guarantees durability and longevity.

GEMA Powder Coating
Our products are electrostatically powder coated using the advanced GEMA system.  Their unique quick colour change equipment allows us to offer you bespoke colours and finishes for your home furnishings.