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Collaboration Series Part II: Metal Design Furniture In A Second Exciting Project…

A few weeks ago, we heard about Metal Design Furniture’s beautiful collaboration with interior designer Sam Tinsley Wood to produce a gorgeous outside venue – The Secret Garden – in Rochdale, Lancashire (for a reminder, click here for the full post).

But our collaboration doesn’t end here! Metal Design Furniture is now working on a second exciting project with Tinsley Wood Interior Design, this time in the restaurant and wine shop Cenetta.

A glimpse of our exciting new project

Though the project is still currently a work in progress, we can share some exclusive new details about Metal Design Furniture’s part in the plan and give you a taste of our work.

 Cenetta’s design idea is unique – it is decorated as a striking, venerable old church. Designer Tinsley Wood envisioned antique forged effect panels as decorative details for pillars – and we provided, pictured to the right.

 The pieces were created through sanding the laser-cut pieces with a special procedure to achieve the perfect rustic effect.

We hotly anticipate seeing the finished result – they will undoubtedly look magnificent! If you would like to see the end product, too, look out for more updates on this project, due in the near future.

Collaboration Series Part I: Metal Design Furniture’s Secret Garden

In another exciting collaboration, Metal Design Furniture has worked with interior designer Sam Tinsley-Wood to produce some stunning results.

The Secret Garden, a new, beautiful outside venue in Rochdale, Lancashire, officially opened to guests on 13th June last year and is the product of the cooperation of the interior designer and Metal Design Furniture.

The Secret Garden. Picture Credit: Tinsley Wood Interior Design

Metal Design Furniture helped design a scenic metal pergola, pictured to the left, to give the place a truly intimate, rural and ‘hideaway’ feel, as well as some gorgeous metal chairs especially for the occasion!

Metal Design Furniture’s chairs. Photo Credit: Tinsley Wood Interior Design

Interior designer Sam Tinsley-Wood has over twenty years’ experience in the industry and creates unique, inventive designs – it was a pleasure to work with her!

With Metal Design Furniture, you too can create your own cozy, intimate Secret Garden:

 Our Paris Gazebo is magnificent yet serene – for more details, click here.

And the Oliver garden chair is perfect for creating a rustic, relaxed atmosphere in your garden – for more details, click here.

Stay tuned for more updates on our collaboration with Tinsley Wood Interior design!

New bespoke laser cut decoration technology coming soon to Metal Furniture Design

Our bespoke, original furniture is already unique and eye-catching. However, we’re about to add a new line of tables and chairs that you can make more your own than anything we’ve done before.

Laser cutting is an exciting technology that uses a high power laser, guided by a computer, to burn or melt away materials, leaving a design in its wake. In the past, this system has been used to drill holes in diamond dies, sear through fabrics and even cut out parts for aerospace applications… and soon, the technique will be used by Metal Furniture Design on a range of our chairs and tables.

While the laser cutting technique we’re going to be using is perfectly precise, the sky is the limit in terms of the designs we will be cutting. Do you run a cafe? Then we could print your logo onto a collection of tables and chairs for you. Want a perfect wedding anniversary present for your other half? How about a collection of garden chairs with your initials and wedding date cut into the backs? Or maybe you want your child’s silhouette on a table for their bedroom. Contact us with your ideas and we can talk them through with you and give you a quote for a truly individual piece.


As well as decorating our chairs and tables with names and faces, we can also finish off your furniture with more stylised designs, as you can see from these example images to the left. If something like this takes your fancy, again, just contact us to talk it over and we can give you a quote. Put your thinking cap on, and we’ll be waiting for your call.

Valentines Getaway under Romantic Garden Gazebos

Still looking for Valentines Getaway? Take advantage from Grims Dyke Hotel special Valentines offer ad enjoy your Valentines comfortably – on Oliver metal garden chairs and under romantic gazebos!


Grims Dyke Hotel with Metal Design Furniture chairs