Get ready for a cheese rolling bank holiday with a Metal Design Furniture dining table

Next week is the late May bank holiday, which means time off work to spend with the family, hopefully in the sunshine, for all of us. However, if you happen to live near Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, this holiday means a very unusual tradition as well!

For many years now, locals in this pretty village have congregated to chase a 9lb sphere of Double Gloucester cheese down the hill, with the first person past the finish line as the victor.

This madcap pursuit is rumoured to have started out either as a way to decide grazing rights on the hill, or as part of a pagan tradition of rolling objects which also saw bundles of burning brushwood sent down hills in order to symbolise a new year dawning after winter.

Although hazardous as times, the cheese rolling is hugely popular, with crowds of as many as 2,000 gathering to watch the race, the winner of which is expected to perform a shirtless dash back up the hill to place the cheese on its ceremonial plinth.

We don’t necessarily recommend that you try this at home! But if instead you feel like treating yourself to a lovely table full of cheese and biscuits to welcome in the start of summer, how about having a look at our range of dining tables? Our Castrum Fused Glass table, starting at £522, is the perfect size for a sophisticated cheese-board. Or, if your family is more the outdoors type, how about laying out a fromage feast on our Oliver Garden table, which starts at just £175? Whichever you decide to go for, there’s a Metal Design Furniture table which can support even the biggest cheese!

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