How to Fix our Metal Gazebos and Pergolas into the Ground

Metal Design Furniture offer a range of stunning metal gazebos and pergolas, with bespoke, size, colour and finishing options.  One of the most common questions we’re asked is – how are they fixed to the ground?

Fixing your gazebo to the ground means that it’s secure enough to withstand anything, even if you live in a windy area.  How to secure the structure depends on the surface you wish to fix it to.  It can be done in 2 ways, depending whether you are placing the structure on hard or soft ground.

Hard Surface Install

The legs are screwed into the ground (see the picture opposite of a leg with the surface mount socket attached).  When you buy, we will provide you with all the fixings you need, this may be special fixing pins or bolts for a concrete surface.  It is best to inform us of your ground’s material when you place your order, we’re here to help you every step of the way, until your completely satisfied with your new metal gazebo.

Soft Surface Install

This may be grass, sand or other soft surfaces.  You need to inform us where you wish to install as for soft surfaces, we make the legs 30cm longer.  This enables you to install the structure directly in the ground.  The legs can then be inserted into holes in the ground and concreted into place for extra security.  A layer of grass or sand can then be placed on the top to keep it looking neat.

If you’d like to know more about building a gazebo visit our YouTube Channel – metal design furniture You’ll see 2 videos on which show the professional installation of our Paris Gazebo in 15 Easy Steps and our Romano Metal Gazebo – a full 8 minutes showing the entire process.

These will show you exactly what’s involved if you’re thinking of doing it yourself.  Although, if you order your gazebo with us before the 15th April we’re offering free installation, that’s a saving of £300.  Don’t miss out – now’s the time to buy!

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