The Ideal Garden Chair: 10 Reasons To Choose The Oliver Chair

If you’re looking for the ideal garden chair to go with your metal patio furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Here at 10 reasons to choose the Oliver chair.

1. Elegant, classic pattern.
The elegance of the Oliver garden chair is both classic and stunning. A perfect choice in iron table and chairs.
2. Exceptional comfort.
This is a very comfortable chair which offers a flexible yet supportive back and seat.
3. Ergonomically designed armrests.
These armrests are specifically designed for comfort and relaxation.
4. Sturdy and robust.
This chair will last you for years and years.
5. Anti-rust protection.
The Oliver chair is made with anti-rust protection with cataphoresis—the same substance used to prevent cars from rusting—and it will last for many years.
6. Cool to the touch.
Our Oliver garden chair is coated with a slightly grainy powder that is pleasant to the touch and prevents the chair from heating up.
7. Double PVC ferrules on leg bases.
The insert and tube edge on the leg makes them sturdy and suitable for sandy or rough surfaces, and at the same time protecting your floor if you want to use the chair inside.
8. Very lightweight.
The Oliver chair weighs only 6 kilograms, making it very light and easy to move, yet heavy enough to stand on windy days.
9. Stackable.
The Oliver chair is stackable, making it easy to store either at the side of the garden or in your storage.
10. Comfortable cushion.
The Oliver chair comes with a comfortable cushion with removable cover.

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