Metal Design Furniture visits Grand Designs Live

This weekend, Metal Design Furniture went on an outing to the ExCel centre in London to have a look around the Grand Designs Live exhibition. Packed to the roof with fantastic ideas and innovations for your kitchen, garden, living spaces and bedrooms, the show was a must for anyone with an interest in making their homes as beautiful and functional as possible.

We were especially taken with these handy outdoor tables, which had spaces that could be used as either a cooler for wine or a BBQ pit. One could quite easily imagine passing the long summer nights sitting around one of those with friends and family, a tipple in one hand and a hot dog in the other. We also enjoyed sitting in some amazing chairs that hung high in the air and had a gentle swinging action, reminiscent of a hammock, but with a little more structural integrity… and better cushions!

Over in the kitchen section, we were blown away by the amazing Vitamix blender, which can make everything from soup to ice cream within seconds. A very charismatic man explained how it worked, chucking in ingredients and producing restaurant quality dishes while we watched. After tasting his amazing soup, which went from ingredients to the hot finished product in the flash of a, well, blender, it took quite a lot of convincing to get Mrs Metal Design Furniture to leave without one tucked into her handbag!

We then ventured into the design section where we cooed over affordable art, relaxed on crazily comfortable chaise longues and were dazzled by pet jellyfish, if you can believe that. This is definitely a treat for anyone who loves amazing home living… and we know all Metal Design Furniture fans are in that group. See you there next year?



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