Metal Design Furniture’s Favourite Interior and Garden Designers

Metal Design Furniture believes that cooperation is the best way to go – so we cooperate with some wonderful designers. That way, you – our customers – can have the complete interior and garden design experience, and your homes and gardens are stunning from top to bottom!

We’ve enjoyed collaborating with many designers. Here are some of our favourites:

Artisans and Artists: This unique and sophisticated company makes sure that your interior design is perfected – they take care of everything, from the initial consultation to the completion of the designs, and offer a range of styles. To see their website, click here.

Raine Garden Design: this award-winning garden designer know everything there is to know about garden design – whether your garden is big or small, vibrant or relaxing, they know how to make it absolutely beautiful… Pair their designs with our gorgeous garden furniture and your backyard will be everything you could’ve asked for! To see their website, click here.

Metal Design Furniture’s wonderful bespoke products can fit perfectly in any home – and working with these two designers is a guarantee that your home will be lovely, comfortable, sophisticated and, most importantly, your own.

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