childrens beds

Beautiful beds for teenage dreaming

Medically speaking teenagers need lots of sleep.   While some argue this has more to do with late nights on the games console, rather than hormonal upheaval; studies have shown that teenagers need at least 9 hours sleep per night.  A high quality bed is vital for a quality night’s sleep.  This will in turn make them feel happier, healthier and increase their concentration levels at school.

Teens also need their own space.  It’s the norm for them spend more time in their bedrooms than they do in other parts of the house.  Their bedroom is a safe-haven, a place for study, daydreaming, time with friends.  One of the best things you can do for your teenager is to give them a trendy, stylish, pleasant place to relax.

Here are 3 metal beds from ourmetal beds for teenagers range that are just perfect for teens;

Cinderella bed for girly girls

Sleek, modern Linea bed for lads

Maya bed system for sleep overs

Our beds are available in your choice of colour and finish.  How about an electric blue for your teen boys, or pretty pink for girls?  Choose their favourite colour, or select a colour based on the existing décor?  Silver, black, gold, white are natural and will really make a statement in your teen’s room.

Aside from giving them a stylish bedroom, you’ll also be giving them the good night’s sleep they crave.  Our beds have a high quality sprung slatted base in a wooden frame.  This is not only comfortable but makes any movement completely silent.  Similarly, unlike other beds, our unique three-point frame construction prevents squeaks and creeks in the night.