London Triathlon

Metal Design Furniture Sponsors Triathletes

It’s a great time for British sport right now in summer 2013, with our man Andy Murray having just become the first UK Wimbledon champion since Virgina Wade in 1977. Here at Metal Design Furniture, we love a bit of health and fitness… so what better way to show our appreciation for athletes everywhere than to sponsor two brave triathletes in the Virgin Active London Triathlon?

James Vallerine (left), a language centre administrator and Avi Reisman (right), an IT manager, are both based in London and ready to take on the challenge. The race takes place on July 28th and involves three elements: swimming, cycling and running. As you can see from the photo, our boys are all kitted out and ready to swim, even if the British weather stops behaving itself.

The swimming element is 1,500 meters and takes place in the chilly Thames, so those wet suits will come in very handy, boys! Our athletes then have to cycle for 40km and finally run to the finish line for another 10km. They will be proudly wearing Metal Design Furniture at they complete the epic race… and we’ll be waiting to cheer them on at the end. Good luck, fellas!