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Metal Design Furniture and Summer/Spring Colours 2015

Metal Design Furniture’s first priority is not just comfort, but also comfort in a style that suits you and reflects your own preferences – and colours are a perfect way of adding the last edge of individuality to your home.

With spring already upon us, we thought it is time to bring you the up-and-coming colour trends for the spring and summer of 2015 to go with your already fashionable furniture.

Fashion and home website describes this season’s colour trends as “cooler and softer color choices with subtle warm tones follow[ing] a minimalistic en plein air theme, taking a cue from nature”.

Summer 2015 colour palette. Image Credit:

Cushions of softer brown and orange for your Paris chair, such as reddish brown and a subtle yellow, can give your garden a current, trendy feel as well as providing calm and comfort. These colour trends can also be applied to your bedroom, with gorgeous results – shades of blue, green and grey, such as aquamarine and lucite green are particularly fashionable. For example, you can embellish your beautiful Classica bedframe with summery turquoise cushions or a glacier grey throw.

Metal Design Furniture, together with your style and personal preference, can convert your home into a perfect summer dwelling.

Metal Design Furniture with a New Year’s Clean-up Sale!

This year has had a slow start – but the Metal Design Furniture Blog is finally back! We dearly hope you, our customers, had a pleasant and relaxing winter break, and that your year has gotten off to a good start.

To celebrate the new year, we are having a MASSIVE sale to make room for some beautiful, exciting new stock… Grab this opportunity and make the most it, because some of our favourite metal furniture is now 10% off, while stock lasts.

Here is your chance to finally get your hands on:

The Maris Bed

A Trea King-sized Bed, either in slick jet black or delicate pure white – click here for more details!

A Gala King-sized Bed in luxurious pearl gold – click here for more details!

A Maris Superking-sized Bed in Anthracite grey, along with two elegant bedside tables to match – click here for more details!

An Oliver garden set, consisting of four chairs and a 80×80 table – click here for more details!

The Paris Garden Set

And finally – Three Paris garden chairs in a relaxing pure white colour, with a matching table – click here for more details!


Stock is limited, so hurry up and phone Metal Design Furniture at 0208-144-6621. We hope you have a most prosperous, happy and, of course, stylish new year!

Discounted price on Metal Design Furniture beds, coat stands and night stands

Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, birds are singing, and it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning. Just as you’re getting your house all spruced up and shiny, we’re doing some re-organising in the Metal Design Furniture warehouse… which is great news for you as it means we’re got some brilliant bargains lined up. We’re offering an amazing 15% off the following pieces, so get in there quickly as they’re bound to go fast!

First up, you can take your pick of any of our six sophisticated Coat Stands in anthracite grey, ranging from the simple Quadro coat stand to the more opulent Classico model. These decorative but practical items keep your house looking clean and your coats from getting crumpled.

Next on offer is the simple yet elegant Maris Nightstand, which comes in a choice of colours and patinas. This piece will be the last word in an already stylish bedroom.

We all need somewhere comfortable and beautiful to rest at night… and we have a choice of three stunning beds in our spring cleaning sale to take your pick from. The striking and funky king size Trea Bed (pictured to the right) is available at the discounted price in either black or white. If you go more for the glitz, then how about our glamorous king size Gala Bed in pearl gold? It’s fit for a queen – but this discount means that everyone can afford one! Finally, there’s the double Classica Bed in anthracite grey. This classic bed has a Tuscan feel that is bound to ease you off into a dreamless sleep every night.

Let Metal Design Furniture ease you into spring in style this year!

Metal Design Furniture… do our beds follow in the footsteps of Duchamp?

Although we usually spend every waking moment slaving over making beautiful furniture for your homes, the Metal Design Furniture team are allowed the occasional day trip out into the real world! We decently recently to spend some of our rare and highly prized spare time visiting the Barbican for their The Bride and the Bachelors: Duchamp with Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns exhibition. We had a great day! The collection features pieces from French surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp, as well as from those influenced by him: composer John Cage, choreographer Merce Cunningham and visual artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.

The exhibition is a feast for the eyes and ears, featuring some of the visual art, music and dance that changed the face of the art world back in the 1950s and 1960s. There are 90 works to be looked at, and the exhibition runs until June 9th this year, so go down and have a look. We at the MDF team were especially drawn to Duchamp’s Apolinere Enameled piece. Duchamp took this advert and altered it to make it a piece of art. The sign was originally an ad for the industrial paint company Sapolin Enamel. Duchamp changed the lettering on the front and back of the piece and added his signature, playing with the notion of what authorship means within art.

We thought the bed is this piece looked like it would be at home in our collection. It especially reminded us of our stylish Maris beds, which start at £375 and are available in a range of size and colours, including smooth silver and jet black. Typical… the one day we get to go out and play, and all we can think about is work!