Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is a design staple that has been with us for many years. Originally created by blacksmiths, wrought iron goods have always been prized for their good looks and sturdiness, and found their way into our homes for centuries.

These days, we use wrought iron furniture both indoors and outdoors. As a material, it’s a popular choice for gardens – our wrought iron gazebos and iron pavilions are graceful yet strong, creating a real focal point for your outdoor space. Metal patio sets are also popular because they are both smart and durable, and iron table and chair sets provide an ideal al fresco dining facility to take your entertaining out of doors on lovely summer days and nights.

Inside, we also love the design qualities of wrought iron furniture. Metal bed frames have been a hit since the Victorians took them to heart, and they look every bit as good today. However, because design has come a long way, they look equally as good in contemporary settings as they do in more traditional rooms.

You can even accessorise with wrought iron. Take a look at the range on our website for some great ideas to add the finishing touch to your room designs. For instance, we have delightful metal plant stands, metal candle holders and metal decorative shelves that will add appeal to any room.

Metal furniture is so sturdy it will last you for years, and it’s so adaptable you’ll find you want to keep it forever!

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