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What is special about Metal Design Furniture pieces?
  • Combination of technology and handicraft: The structural parts of every Metal Design Furniture product are made with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring reliable constant quality. But many of our products also have handcrafted details and finishes, such as the spheres on the Castrum chairs, fused glass table tops with hand-made ornaments, or hand-added patina. Its classic style will create a warm, luxury and timeless elegance in your home.
  • Quality make: Our furniture is as durable as its style. It is made entirely in Europe, in small numbers in a technologically advanced manufacturing facility and will stay beautiful for years.
  • Your personal touch: Every piece of our boutique furniture is finalized according to your order. You can customize every piece online before buying with options of colours, sizes and styles. And if you would like your furniture with different options or further personalized, just contact us with your enquiry. We want you to have furniture that you will love and that will have your personal touch.
Are your products in stock?

Most of our products are already made in parts, and are waiting to be finalised according to your order and the options you chose – much like a car! We aim to deliver all standard products in 3-4 weeks, and garden gazebos in 4-6 weeks.
Bespoke furniture and special options may take a bit longer, or as agreed when the order is placed.

Why do you have a minimum order value and how much is it?

Like all businesses we have to cover the increasing costs of transport from our factory to the distribution centre from the profit that we make on what we sell. Instead of having a minimal order quantity on each product, we decided to have a minimal order value, to enable you to join several different products together in combinations as it suits you.
At the moment, our minimal order value is £2500. We will be looking at the minimum order values and cost covering all the time and hope to keep it as low as possible for you. However, if you are interested in placing a smaller order with us, please do call or email us as we often have some items in stock that we can send out individually, or, with small adjustments of delivery times we can also often join your order with another small order.

Can I get my Metal Design Furniture in a different colour than the available options on the webpage?

Our prices refer to the colours that are most popular with our products. However, we can finalise your new furniture in almost any colour from the RAL colour chart (, providing we are able to source it at the time of your order. So it is possible to get a colour of your choice for your bed or other furniture. Please contact us for a quote.

How can I place my order for Metal Design Furniture?

The easiest way to order is online. However, if you prefer to speak to us in person or you have special wishes for customising your furniture, you can always call us on 020 8144 6621 or email us on

Do your products have a quality guarantee?

All our products are designed and manufactured by us using extra strength steel and have a structural guarantee. Our outdoor products also have an anti-rust guarantee. Please see each product's page for an explanation about its materials and surface treatment, and its respective GUARANTEE period of three, five, or seven years.

Our garden gazebos and most of our luxurious garden furniture are GUARANTEED for 7 years (with normal use). They are treated inside and out with hot-zinc bath technology, used for boat parts, cable cars and street lamp posts.

This protection is so reliable that even in an instance when damage was caused to the paint coat and a piece of paint came off, the surface underneath would still be rust-protected with zinc’s electrolytic working. This treatment ensures years of outside use even in humid environments, for year after year enjoyment and beautiful products.

What about assembling my furniture?

Some of our products need simple assembly, such as beds and tables. When you buy a piece of Metal Design Furniture, you will receive all the tools and instructions to assemble it yourself, which is very easy.
Our garden gazebos require assembly by three people (or at least two if you are skilled and experienced at DIY) because of their size. However, the actual assembly is still simple. You will receive a printed instruction and also a CD with a video showing how to assemble your garden gazebos.
Alternatively, you can have your gazebo assembled on site – please add this option when buying.

I am already your customer, are there any benefits if I recommend you to a friend?

Yes! Simply tell us your name and address and the name and address of your friend and once they lace an order we will send you a 5% discount voucher.

I have a query about one of your products, who can I call?

We are available for all your questions and technical queries regarding the products we sell by phone on 0208 144 6621 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm, and most Saturdays between 9am and 2pm. You can also email us your query to, we usually answer within a few hours.

Do you have any shops or outlets?

We are an online and manufacturing company so we do not have a showroom ourselves. However, our garden furniture and gazebos are available to see and buy at The Greenhouse Garden Centre, at Birchen Grove, Kingsbury, NW9 8RY (tel. 0208 905 9189).
You can see selected bed designs at The Red Bed Co, at 116 Portland Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 5DN (tel. 01273 771782)
We recommend that you telephone the shops prior to visiting to ensure that the product you are interested in is currently on display.

About our garden furniture

Can I safely leave my new garden furniture outside in the rain?

Of course. Every Metal Design Furniture chair or table is anti-rust treated with zinc and powder-coated in polyester colour. This finish makes all our garden furniture suitable for years of outdoor use. The paint has a good hardness, is durable in any weather and is impact resistant. Oliver garden chairs are also available in a full stainless steel version, which is suitable if you live by the sea or in a humid area.

In addition, our garden gazebos, Castrum garden furniture and Classico garden sofa set are treated with hot-zinc bath technology before being painted. This technology is used for boat parts, cable cars and street lamp posts. This protection is so reliable that even in an instance when damage was caused to the paint coat and a piece of paint came off, the surface underneath would still be rust-protected with zinc’s electrolytic working. This treatment ensures years of outside use even in humid environments.

What are the advantages of products made from full materials against products made from tubes?

The process of welding uses a high heat. The walls of tubes melt under high heat and thus become thinner, and consequently a bit softer and weaker in this area. When the product is used, the weight that we put on it causes a bending near the welded parts. This bending can damage the painting with invisible cracks, and rust spots can ensue in a few years. The products made of full materials are more solid and do not suffer from these problems. However, the products made of tubes, such as our Oliver collection, have the advantage of being lighter to move around the garden. We combined the advantages of both technologies by offering the Oliver collection in stainless steel. This makes the collection light to move around but completely weather-proof.
On the other hand, if you live in a windy region, you might want to go for a heavier full material product, such as our Castrum or Paris collection.

Will Metal Design Furniture damage my floor?

Metal Design Furniture garden products have polyurethane glides inserted in the feet that prevent damage to the floor. We weld a decorative part with a hole for the glide onto the feet of our chairs. The material used to make the insert is harder than normal plastic and the insert is 8mm thick. This ensures that your floor is perfectly safe. We only use high quality inserts, so they don’t leave any black marks on the floor or pavement. Oliver garden chairs are made of tubes so they have special PVC ferrules (caps) to protect the floor.

Why are Metal Design Furniture tables never rocky?

Most floors, especially outside, are not smooth and even! People often don’t think about this when buying their tables but we’ve done that thinking for you. Each of our tables’ feet has an adjustable mechanism. The table can be balanced on every floor, so that even if they are not perfectly levelled, you can be sure that your coffee won't spill.

What do you need to know about taking care of your Metal Design Furniture garden furniture?

Metal Design Furniture garden furniture is made for your comfort. The answer is that our products don’t need any maintenance at all (apart from perhaps dusting!). Just sit back and enjoy your new furniture.

All about our beds

Can I get a bed in a different size than standard?

Definitely. Let us know your wishes by email or by phone and we’ll send you a quote.

Is a Metal Design Furniture bed difficult to assemble?

Very simple, actually. We enclose instructions with every model, as well as all the required tools.

What kind of mattress base comes with my Metal Design Furniture bed?

Our beds come with a birch sprung slatted base. But all beds are made so that any standard mattress base can be inserted if you want to replace it. Should you require a water mattress, we can also adjust the frame for this – please contact us.

Will my Metal Design Furniture bed match other furniture in my bedroom?

Metal Design Furntiure manufactures metal beds in several classic or modern designs, matching your furniture and your sense of style! For an antique touch, we can add gold, bronze or green patina to our basic colours. Create your own unique ambience!

Do I need to be worried about my bed creaking?

Metal Design beds are absolutely silent. Metal Design beds don't creak, because they are assembled into a compact, stabile and quiet bed. We achieved that with a special profile, into which the sides of the bed are tightly fixed with three screws each. In contrast to wooden beds, which can become shaky and noisy after a few years of use, or some wobbly metal beds that you can find on the market, our beds stay solid, sturdy and silent forever.

Is the bed going to damage my floor?

We’ve thought about this, too. The bed has a protective nylon insert in the feet, so the metal never touches the floor. You can safely put it on any kind of floor.

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