Quality Management



Quality control is carried out from the very selection of suppliers and input materials through every stage of the manufacturing process to final inspection prior to packaging.


Each phase of the production process is also a control for the previous stage. We perform visual, measurement and, if necessary, chemical control and tests. Every product is controlled again at the end by the leader of the packing team and each package must be signed off by the head of production.


This system is also continuously improved and controlled. At the moment, we are also in the process of changing from paper work orders to an electronic format, which will allow for an even more consistent and precise control. At any moment it will be possible to see at what stage the particular product is, how many were made, and enable fast reaction in case of faults.


Contonuous training of staff is also an important part of quality management. We are currently carrying out a process of ISO 9001. In addition, we hold regular annual training for employees in order to improve the manufacturing processes and quality control, which are carried out by independent professional institutions.


Top product depends also on cutting-edge tools. We maintain a technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable production, with a state-of-the-art machine park with the latest hybrid technologies (eg, hybrid HD 130 Amada press machine, laser cutting ECO-cut, etc.), as well as careful selection and purchase of other technological equipment, all down to advanced factory cleaning machinery. We perform an ongoing and documented control of all machines and systems.


The company carries out 8D system to deal with complaints. We respond to any complaint within one working day. Our primary concern is to fulfill the need of the customer to obtain a replacement product as soon as possible. Then every mistake is analyzed and appropriate measures are implemented in agreement with the customer, to ensure that the fault does not occur anymore.


We take care of complete order processing. Any feedback from our customers is documented. For 25 years we strive to continuously improve quality. 


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