Advantages We Offer


I) All technologies in one place:

  • Laser cutting: Amada 2D LC Alpha IV 2415 Laser machine (1500mm x 3000mm x 12mm)
  • Sheet metal bending: Amada 5020 CNC Pressbrake 50t/2m
  • Robotic welding: 3 x ABB IRB welding robots (fully computerised information system, rotating table surface 2000 x 1000 mm)
  • Powder coating in house: Swiss GEMA Powder coating facilities (oven 2m x 2m x 3m)
  • All other process for metal production: Milling, turning, bending, punching and other machines

 II) One of the most experienced manufacturers in Slovenia:

  • More than 22 years of experience in manufacturing complex metal components for several industrial sectors (building industry, area maintenance, transport assistance, feeding technology and others)
  • Own production of tools, templates and matrixes
  • Comprehensive solution for your product from start to finish
  • Highly skilled staff including several engineers

III) Guaranteed quality by Western standards:

  • More than 80% exporters to Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain – three of the most demanding European markets
  • Strict personal end quality control of each product with a signature from an engineer
  • 100% guaranteed quality - long term reliable partnership

IV. Fast development, short delivery times, flexible quantities

  • Development of new products in 6 weeks
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Following deliveries in 4 weeks from the order to your warehouse, laser pieces in 2 weeks if urgent
  • Flexible quantities so you can easily follow monthly sales and market fluctuations

V. Cost-effective solution from start to finish

  • All processes for metal production from start to finish
  • Several surface finshes available: cataphoresis, cold and hot zinc treatment, primer and powder coating
  • Good prices, excellent quality



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