Our manufacturing processes are flexible and efficient. However, every process requires planning, preparation and are partly dependent on the current production load. Standard production time for complex products in serial production is 30 days (for sheet metal products 2-3 weeks). During the high season (April to July), it may be a week more.


At the request of our customers we now also offer a priority service (Fast Track Service) for urgent deliveries or projects. This service is supported by the afternoon shifts and where needed also night shifts of our workers and use of machine park, which allows for greater flexibility and faster service.


Fast Track service offers production time of 2-3 weeks for demanding and welded products, and 3-7 days for services of laser cutting and sheet metal bending. The exact production time depends on the complexity of the product and further processing (galvanizing, etc.). Please note that in some cases in high season we may be unable to offer Fast Track service.


Fast Track service is avialble for an extra charge added to the standard price of the product. The surcharge is by agreement.


With this business model we can offer our customers up to 60% faster production services, and providing timely delivery for their urgent projects.


Our aim is to offer our customers first class service both in quality as well as in other aspects of B2B and just-in-time collaboration.


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