Series Production


After confirmed prototype with all agreed adjustments, we prepare the production process for the product. This includes the production of programs for all machinery used in the process, the necessary tools and jigs for welding robots.


Also important is the choice of material suppliers and subcontractors for certain parts of the process. If needed, we also seek out and test new suppliers for some aprts of the process, but in any case, behind the final quality of your product stands Metal design.



Serial production can be in small series (we make jigs for robots for series from 10 pieces onwards) as well as up to series of several thousand pieces a year.


Our advanced machine park allows us to manufacture complex welded structures, various complex pieces of sheet metal or turned pieces. In all processes we pursue constant and reliable quality.


Each batch is constantly monitored for the quality, production time and costs. In discussion with the client, we optimize the processes and propose technical improvements in the implementation of the product.


We specialize in small and medium series (from 5 to 50,000 pieces per year), so our production is oriented towards speed and flexibility, which means that each product can also be adjusted or modified for the following series.


The aim in serial production is maximal, reliable and repeatable quality with lowest production costs for the ordered quantity, and quick delivery.


By using a computerized and micro-planned manufacturing we provide continuous process optimization, maximum flexibility, cost effectiveness and fast delivery.


We can organize the assembly, packaging and labeling according to your requests and all the logistics to your warehouse.



We have 25 years of manufacturing experience and over 20 years of this as a supplier for Germany. We have been delivering goods from serial production to Swityerland, Austria, and UK for several years.


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