Powder Coating


Powder coating process of your products is also available. We have a semi-automatic powder coating facility of the Swiss manufacturer Gema, furnace dimensions 2m x 2m x 3m and washing/phosphating machine by Italian manufacturer LINEA ECO-AIR.




  1. Cleaning, degreasing, and phosphat treatment
  2. Drying with exhaust air from the furnace
  3. Powder coating of the product through static charging
  4. Treatment in the furnace with 180° - 200° C
  5. Cooling of the product




  • Immediately after powder coating process, the products ready to be delivered to customers.
  • Powder coating offers greater resistance to impact and scratches.
  • The appearance of the product itself is flawless, because the color of the coat stays in place and there is no run-off of the colour liquid
  • A longer product life.
  • Option of very affordable renovation of the product later on
  •  Bigger strength of the product, due to the possibility of thicker layers of powder (color is retained on the surface without run-off).
  • Ecologically more appropriate because dust particles do not contain hazardous chemicals or solvents that can be found in the liquid colors.
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