Tube Cutting and Bending


Bending is influenced by several factors such as the thickness and quality of the material and the choice of machine for bending. We can bend round, square, rectangular or elliptical tubes.


At Metal Design, we use Provar 6 Assi Serie 45 CNC bending machine, which is capable of bending tubes up to 45 mm in diameter.


The PROVAR 5 Series 45 is a fully automatic, 5 axes tube bending machine. These machines are designed to produce compound and freeform bends even with medium-sized tubes


Bending of thick-walled pipes

Our machines are suitable for bending inch-thick tubes and thick-walled tubes up to 60 x 4 mm. We bend from 0 to 210 degrees with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees.




We use CNC automatic bandsaw IMET BS 400/60 AFI-NC, which is hydraulically driven. We can cut in the left angle from 0° to 60°.



Cutting capacity:

Round tubes

Up to 310mm

Square tubes

Up to 280mm

Rectangular tubes

Up to 400x250mm




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